Kenisu Ichojari

Kenisu Ichojari
Sketchkenisuichojari 180x200
Former President of the Green Republic
Born Unknown
New Hovlund (?)
Died N/A
Species Siberian Tiger
Affiliation Azure League
Wing Galm Squad

Kenisu Ichojari, or 'Keni' for short, is one of the most vocal of all the Skyrates personalities in Skytopia. He is the former President of the Green Republic, and a noted explorer before the fall of Tortuga. Keni has been known to be loud and very jocular, thus leading to many an issue. However, in the end, most find that he has good intentions.

Character Bio Edit

Full Name: Kenisu Ichojari

Callsign: Galm One


Skyrates 2.2-

CR-4P- "Heartbreak One"

Seahawk- "Spirit of Australia"

Spectre- "USS Andromeda"

Lancaster- "Wings Over Wallongong"

Loki- "Spirit of Melbourne"

Skyrates 2.3-

CR-4P- "The Frisky Dingo"

Mastiff- "The Green Dingo"

Valkyrie- "The Brisbane Bomber"

Nova- "The Southern Cross"

Hades- "The Exodus Maleficum"

Mk-II- "The Kangaroo Kickboxer"

Skyrates 2.3-

CR-4P- "The Frank and Buster Express"

Phantom- "Grey Phantom"

Marauder- "Pearl of Perth"

Havoc- "The Canberra Special"

Cetacea- "(XZRS-4) GAF Tamworth Flyer" (Shortly thereafter, the GAF insignia was removed. Keni no longer associates with the Green Air Force)

Skyrates 2.4-

CR-4P- "New Piece of Shpit"

Mastiff- "Awesome X"

Marauder- "The Canberra Express"

Chapparal- "Spirit of Walkabout Creek"

Barracuda- "The Wallongong Flyer" (Temporarily named "Red Dwarf" in honour of one of Keni's favourite shows. It was followed with AllisonHarker's rename of her Chapparal to "Starbug".)

A Short History Edit

Contrary to popular belief that any Green is a finacially blessed person, Kenisu was nothing more than an orphan. Abandoned as a small child at an orphanage on New Hovlund, Kenisu would become a nuisance to the other children. Often in trouble, the cub never found a home for his out-of-control life.

When the cub aged to eighteen, he was given a small amount of money and given his life. His first job was working in the steel mills of New Hovlund, with the occasional exhibition in a local wrestling circuit at nights. The money was enough to make it by, which was what Kenisu was content with. He never found a reason to further himself or to make much of his life. He'd grown callous toward the world, turning toward heavy alcoholism in the local pub.

Many of his peers grew concerned, seeing that the tiger was heading in a downward spiral. They intervened on a particular day in the mill, when he attacked a floor foreman. Kenisu was given the week off and told to clean himself up, which he did.

After a short time of counseling, Kenisu found himself longing to leave New Hovlund and see the world. After trying for a degree in Medical Sciences at New Hovlund University, he enlisted a local pilot who agreed to take him to Echo. On his holiday, he found himself constantly curious about the Flight-School there, and soon signed up after he'd quit in the mill. Under the direct tuteleage of Lord Gilbert, Kenisu quickly excelled and found himself in the air, soon enough, with his first CR-4P.

Kenisu's travels around Skytopia brought him closer to a fellow pilot named Astrid, a female ferret whom he nearly constantly shared compainionship with. Upon every chance, the two would meet on a Skyland and spend as much time together as was possible. The two made the unanimous decision to join the Merchant Guild when they'd built up the flight-time for application. Immediately in their ranks, they continued to adventure together until Astrid's disappearance shortly thereafter. Keni had a short stint in this time as an agent of the Crimson Empire, but would leave once again to join Green. There are no definate answers as to why this happened, but some say loyalty struck him.

As the Crimson Armada built up a mainstray of Skyland ports across the map, Kenisu found himself planning with Beate, a giraffe who took it upon herself to organise Green. Kenisu was quickly promoted to General in the 'rebellion' that began after submitting several ideas of how to maintain a few Skylands for the Greens.

In the final days before the Tortugan Upheaval, Kenisu found himself leading the Greens. Beate had seemingly disappeared into the Black, and there wasn't much more that could be done around Skytopia to battle the Armada. Kenisu took it upon himself to make a few journies into the Black, having documented it with others and making Skytopia begin to wonder about what was out beyond the limits of their maps.

When the Upheaval occurred, Kenisu had founded the Green Republic. It was there that he was given the de facto title of President. Leading the Republic, he and the other memebers would be contacted by Dasha Eltsina, who assured them that she could make it to Tortuga and help the Tortugans. Since the Greens were the last to be contacted by their factional hero, there was concern. Many didn't want Eltsina to do anything, as the other two factional heroes had already gained so much ground. The decision, however, was to let her go if she could make it...though the Greens worried for her safety.

After the Upheaval, Kenisu began to set out to make the Republic a solidified state. He ventured into the 'New World' and began claiming Skylands for the Republic at a rather alarming rate. At one point, the Republic was the largest proprietor of states. However, many would fall as the Second Unification got underway. Kenisu would be the Green who held off the forces at Romeo in the Great Battle waged there. He would also evacuate it once swarms of Reds attacked Eltsina, holding out with the other Greens fighting there until the bitter end.

Once more, Skytopia was shifted about due to severely intense storms that grounded all planes. When the skies cleared and the okay was given to journey back out, Kenisu like everyone else, found that his plane was in ruins. In yet another CR-4P, he waged foward to return to Eltsina and ensure that the people there were fine.

An official election was called for, and the Republic's first majour elections took place. Ichojari called for the creation of a Secretary of Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Interiour. All positions filled, and with a new Vice President, the Republic also began writing it's first ever Constituition.

Kenisu has made a comeback, this time as a member of the Azure League. His time with the Republic forced him away from Green and toward the other colours.

Mercy Drive Edit

Kenisu has been known to play with a band he created sometime after the Upheaval. The band, Mercy Drive, has a hit song that Kenisu has taken to heart: "Burn in My Light". The band has performed several times either on Kenisu's luxury Cetecea for parties, or even at the Banana Daquiri Lounge on Alpha 3.

Ichojari Vineyards and Other Oddities Edit

Kenisu has been known to be the proprietor of a vineyard somewhere on Romeo, named "Ichojari Vineyards". Their stock of wines is very exclusive, and the only known bottles to be served anywhere have been seen on the Tamworth Flyer and Wollongong Flyer.

The Wollongong Flyer Stat Sheet Edit


1: Estate rooms, Keni's room/office, bridge.

2: Medical Bay, command centre, dining hall and kitchen.

3: 'Main' Deck hall, bar, and ballroom.

4 and 5: Engineering, air bladder access.

6: Armoury and crew quarters.

7-10: Cargo bay.

Main turrets can be accessed on deck three on the starboard and port sides for their respective turrets.

Crew Count:

62 (Including the Captain)

1 Doctor

5 Bridge Crew

20 Attendants

5 Chefs

30 Engineers

Crew Members:

Janet: Not much is known of the twenty-something lapine, other than she loves working aboard the oppulent ships that Keni operates. She's the head attendant of an all-female, all-lapine crew that serves and caters to the needs of all visiting guests.

Amanda: One of the few known-named attendants. Famous for once being a love-interest of niklaas.

Doctor Gaston: A giraffe employed under Keni. He and Keni went to New Hovlund University together, graduating after Keni dropped out. The two found each other several years later, their friendship still strong and able to work out an agreement for the doctor's services aboard any ship Keni can get him into.

Lieutenant Thomas Hawkins: The helmsman of The Wollongong Flyer. This Otter's specialty has always been flight since he left Echo Academy, years ago. He was hired only after an intensive few days of flight scenarios against his current captain.

Commander Charles Bailey: A hyena male who's experience with fighting in wars of profit is rivaled by some of the best pilots out there. His specialty is ground combat, but was hired for Keni's ship because of his excellent use of tactics. Commander Bailey tends to take command of the ship only when necessary, but will lead the ground troops when they are needed.

Ensign Bruce Wildman: A male beagle who's in charge of the inter and outership communications. Not much more is known of him, as he tends to keep to himself and shy away from guests and crowds brought aboard the ship.

Ensign Tal Oviada: The only female in the bridge crew, Ensign Oviada provides ship security. The pangolin's jobs include assuring that all internal strife is kept to a minimum and that gunners can make it to their turrets in response to pirate threats.

Elena Nureyev: Keni's newest chief mechanic after the sad loss of Wise Drake. This camel's talents include a cheery disposition despite her heavy workload and being a specialist of zepplins.

Player Behind the Character Edit

Not much can be said about the actual player that isn't already known by many. The player is an EMT, working toward his basic license. He is destined for college, brash, but awkwardly shy. He's known for opening up online, but not offline. Many speculate that his Skyrates persona carries over to his real-life mannerisms, though this is intensely false.

The name 'Kenisu' is actually that of his furry persona, which he attempted to recreate as best was possible. After having petitioned the devs, this became a reality, thanks to the addition of feline avatars (Kenisu is a Siberrian Tiger).

The few notable achievements of the person behind the character are that he was able to graduate highschool with honours and be inducted into the 2004 edition of 'Who's Who in American Highschools', becoming the 'President' of the Green Faction, taking fourth place in a chess tournament in Philadelphia, and attempting to join the NASCAR Whelen Modified Division. It is well-documented that Keni's player is a NASCAR fan and is related to the top-tier of the sport's driver, Mark Martin.

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