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Alexander Love II
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"Do you really want to hurt me?"
Fly Abroad! Student
Call Sign "Love"
Plane Leviathan, "Exile"
Born 14 Delphanus
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Species Squirrel
Height 5'5"
Weight 110 lbs
Affiliation Flight School
Wing N/A
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Kills/Losses 374 Wins/1 Loss
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On Hiatus: Done with finals, but still busy with work. Besides, a levi doesn't need much watching. I'm starting to slowly flesh out the stories.


"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."

Having lost his mother just days after he was born, Love was raised by a family friend on the skyland of Echo. His father, a famous explorer, was rumored to have gone insane after the death of his beloved, and flew off in stormy skies soon after leaving Love in the care of a friend. Despite such a rough start, Love has grown to be a kind and curious young squirrel, his thirst for knowledge and any information regarding his estranged father insatiable. On his 16th birthday he said goodbye to his adoptive parents, and in the CR-4P they gifted him, he flew off to find his father.

Physical Appearance[]

Love is a bright red hue, his fur very fluffy and long, perhaps the only aspect of him that could not be described as diminutive. He stands only 5'5" and looks even smaller, perhaps due to his timid nature and tendency to glance at the floor. His bushy tail is always in motion, twitching this way and that, especially when he is excited.

He usually wears a faded orange flight jacket once owned by his birth father, and tan pants. He carries a silver pocketwatch with the Great Tree of Arcadia carved into it, as well as a silver Echo Flight Academy pin on his left breast pocket.


Gentle and softspoken, Love nonetheless is quite knowledgeable, though a bit naive at times. He is curious about all subjects, especially regarding planes and exploration, having at an early age associated all things wondrous with the image of his father.

A quick thinker and undeniably bright, Love had excelled in every class in Flight School, save for Combat training. He is quick to panic in the face of danger, and grows nauseous at the thought of confrontation.

Background Story (under construction)[]

A Fateful Night[]

The Name[]

Early Childhood[]

Flight Academy[]

Planes (2.4)[]

Every plane has a story, and chronicled here are the tales of the planes Love has flown in, and how he came to own them.

Airplane Summary
Plane Wins Losses Profit Hours
Acorn - (CR-4P) 16 0 1991 4
Wanderlust - (Nomad) 47 1 62295 39
Katherine - (Valkyrie) 58 0 280393 97
Memento - (Phantom) 80 0 580582 137
Silence - (Dauntless) 173 0 560196 87
Exile - (Leviathan) 0 0 0 0
Total 374 1 1485457 364

CR-4P - Acorn[]

"The Acorn never falls far from the tree..."

And so he packed his luggage, checked his plane, and topped off its fuel. Love spent his last day in his old bed in his old home, and come dawn, he was ready to leave on his journey. As he climbed into the cockpit he remembered something very important: he had yet to name his plane. Thinking fast, he used the first word that popped into his head. The Acorn. Yes, thought Love, this is a fine name. Great things come of humble beginnings. Great things will become of me. Besides...Love had skipped breakfast. No other name would have been as fitting.

Love eased off the runway and dove down, pulling up hard and skimming the waves as the Acorn plummeted towards the surface of the sea. Slingshotting the plane into a wide loop around Echo, Love gazed back on the Skyland he grew up on with watery eyes, feeling a bit lightheaded (for he had forgotten about high G forces during his dive, and had almost blacked out). With a sigh, he slowed the plane and landed on the nearby Barracuda that would take him the core skylands to begin his search for his father.

Nomad - Wanderlust[]

"The Wanderlust has taught has whispered to my heart"

After a few days of travel, Love was a bit frustrated. His transport was slow, and with the captain refusing to let him siphon a bit of fuel for some joyriding, Love hadn't flown since the beginning of his trip. When they finally landed on Olio Love was so glad to have his wings back he immediately took the Acorn to the skies. It was a beautiful day for flying, the sky was clear and the wind was low. It was a shame that the local pirates had decided to attack just as Love took off.

Not realizing the danger he was in, Love flew straight for the approaching planes. Before he could react, bullets began to rain down on his poor plane. Panicking, he looped this way and that, took jawdropping nosedives and generally performed aerial acrobatics that few aces could have kept up with. A pity that he had no recollection of what happened, or how many pirates he managed to shoot down. The locals noticed however, and as Love half landed half crashed back on the Skyland he was swarmed by cheerful men and screaming fans. In a daze, Love stumbled to the Inn and slept for 3 days straight.

After hearing what happened from the innkeeper, Love, not used to fame, decided it was best to leave. When he found his plane, however, he found it covered in bulletholes and practically falling apart. It still ran though, but it couldn't go very far, and a bullet that had grazed the engine caused it to routinely stall and flood the cockpit with noxious fumes. With no money and no way off the Skyland, Love was losing hope of ever finding his father, and growing more restless by the day.

The Verron Corporation had heard news of Love's "heroism", and decided to act. They offered him a new Nomad, and Love, being so overjoyed at the propect of flying again, signed the papers they gave him, not paying a bit of attention to the fine print. He named it the Wanderlust for he would take it to explore the very edges of the sky.

Valkyrie - Katherine[]

Love was having a bad day. But then it got better, and he left with a sweet new plane!

Phantom - Memento[]

"Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted..."

The plane of his father is the bane of skyratekind?!?!

Dauntless - Silence[]

"Silence breaks the heart."

A lonesome journey into the depths of despair!

Leviathan - Exile[]

"I know how men in Exile feed on dreams."

There is nothing to lose for the skyrate who has lost all!