Salvador Horatio "Mad" Hatter
Cat Male
Died N/A
Species Cat
Affiliation Green Faction
Profile Profile

Skyrate Full Name: Salvador Horatio "Mad" Hatter

Call Sign: Hatter

Age: Unknown

Origin of birth: Jordan

Retiring Skyland: Eltsina

Personality: Hatter is known to be cordial and polite. While he tries hard to hide his Jordanian dialect so as to seem more universal, his accent still makes itself known when he becomes distracted or worked up. He has involved himself heavily in the politics of Skytopia, and spends most of his time on the Radio speaking with his fellow Greens in Faction Chat. His satirical wit and objective viewpoints have made him a well-liked Skyrate in many Factions, and he does not associate himself as an enemy of anyone except The March Hare-- and even then, only in jest.

Animal: Cat

Faction: Green

Allegiance: The Emerald Republic

SR1 Craft: None

SR2 Craft: Seafire (The 16/2)

SR3 Craft: Vengeance (Wrath of a Legend)

Salvador Horatio "Mad" Hatter was born on Jordan. His exact age is unknown.

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about Salvador Hatter's early life. His Jordanian accent links him to his home skyland, though very few Jordanians actually remember him! As such, many rumors and small myths have circulated regarding his past. One such myth is that he gained the nickname "Mad Hatter" at an early age. Supposedly, the entire populace of Jordan had left the skyland for a Birthday celebration taking place on Valvia. The rumor states that several Leviathons, Bismarcks, and Barracudas, provided by The Azure League landed on the skyland and loaded everyone into the hundreds of planes, transporting the citizens of Jordan to seeThe Grand Fireworks Extravaganza. Hatter, still at a young age, had accidentally been left behind! As he hurried to the skyland's edge, he witnessed the large fleet of planes flying away from the skyland with all of his friends, family, and neighbors. Left alone on the skyland for the duration of the event, it is said that the image of seeing his entire home transported away, followed by spectacular light shows, was enough to drive him in fear away from the skylands edge. Rumor has it that while alone on the skyland, he turned the image over and over in his mind until finally driving himself into a subtle insanity-- "All that time to think, and to brood, and to reminisce... but no one there to tell him it was just an accident, that they'd all be back soon... to stop him from twisting the image up in his poor little mind like a pretzel, until he finally drove himself mad."

Planes FlownEdit

SR1: Edit


SR2: Edit

CR-4P: "The Flying Teacup"
Spectre: "The Archangel
SeaHawk: "Fly Low"
SeaFire: "The 16/2"

SR3: Edit

CR-4P: "The 2nd Carroll"
Chapparal: "Good Old Chap"
SeaHawk: "The Free Spirit"
Lancaster: "The Defender"
Hades: "The Republic Outcry"
Mantis: "Sustainable Loss"
Bismarck: "Fallback"
Vengeance: "Wrath of a Legend"
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