Manik DepraSeeve
Boar Male
Ceo of The Manik Bean Co.
Died N/A
Species Boar
Affiliation Flight School
Profile Profile

History Edit

Manik, was only child of father Depra and mother Seeve. Before Manik was born, his mother and father lived on Midgard and were known to enjoy life to the fullest. His mother drank large quantities of coffee while he was in the fetal stage. When he was born in Midgard, the doctors deemed him dead, but his mother poured coffee down his throat against the doctors' wishes. He woke up and was deemed mentally needing of caffiene ever since.

Later in time, Manik became a botanist and studied plants, coffee bean plants specifically. And produced many different hybrids of coffee and other plants, which he named Breeds.

Appearance Edit

Manik is very tall for a boar and in his middle 20's. He is known for having large brown eyes and wearing a black trenchcoat. The trenchcoat has hundreds of little pockets on the inside to store bottles of his coffee and thermoses. He is always seen with an incredibly large thermos on his back which is filled with the natural breed of coffee he bases all his experiments on. This thermos is designed not for fun but for his medical condition. Without caffiene constantly through his system, he collapses into a coma.

The Manik Bean Coffee Co.Edit

Manik inherited a skyland in Steppe from his dead grandfather, Manik. On this skyland he started the Manik Bean Coffee Co., which ships coffee and other goods around Skytopia. He also sells his breeds to specific companies for various reasons.

Planes Edit

Manik used to fly a Seahawk/Osprey known The Manik Bean. The plane hadnumerous targets drawn on to annoy pirates. Before he flew a CR-4P that was given to him from his deceased grandfather, more as an insult than a gift.

After the sequential destruction of his original plane and the suicide of his love, Lori Leonelle, he used the Halifax that she gave him to design a new plane, The Lori's Bean.

Here is a description:

It is giant modified plane that doesn't look like any standard model. It has a modified streamlined chassis, nothing like the Halifax it was built on. The wings were pulled back, shortened, and had strange folds placed on the wingtips. On several locations were small turrets, and all across the yellow plane were streaks of red. As a memory of the original plane, there are several targets drawn on the wings and tail, just to antagonize the pirates that tried to bring down his plane before. In big bold letters along the chassis are "I fear not death, I fear what comes after."

Breeds Edit

Manik has made a total of 122 breeds, most of them failures. These are the ones that have been revealed so far, and their nicknames.

1: Peppermint: Peppermint breed
2: LiquorMan: Emits caffiene as well as Alcohol
3: Hazel haze: Hazelnut
4: Apple Pie: Apple and Wheat
9: Risin Shine: carbonated coffee, smells bad, used like a smelling salt.
15: JourneyMan: Poison
16: Repentance: Cure to 15
37: Motormouth: still safe to drink coffee, but more effective as a lubricant than as a drink.
39: FireBall: Cinnamon spice breed.
54: Rocket Man: Regular coffee, but with Unobtainium soil, better as a fuel than a drink
55: Ninja Dust: smoke bomb.
57: Mint Holiday: Mint and chocolate.
58: Toffee Coffee: Toffee flavoring.
60: Einstein: Increases higher brain functions, but lowers emotions.
64: Skunk Kiss: dries, and becomes sticky and smelly.
72: Apologizer: emits a feeling of apologetic aditude
77: Squirrel Chatter: An assorted breed of nuts
84: Drunk: similar to 2, but with more Alcohol
88: Truthseeker: Forces someone to tell the truth for a short period of time, leaves a really bad headache.
99: Celebration: emits a feeling of pure Happiness, plant bred from is rare and unknown
100: Goldfinger: Makes one feel posh
101: Hypercoffee: Increases one's awareness and speed.
102: Silura: Catnip bred coffee
117: Rage: Makes one psychotic and suicidal
118: Omniscient: Makes one able to see through objects, or, at least, believe they are.
122: Bluberry pie: similar to 4: but Blueberry.
123: Pineapple: What do you think?
124: Cheesecake: Mixture of flavors, producing something similar to the flavor of cheesecake.
125: Knockout Gas: ...
126: Memory Mint: Helps remember forgotten memories over time.
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