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Player Information[]

Marcus' player is a lurker who lives somewhere in Cambridge, England, hiding from all the other weird people that inhabit this bizarre planet.

He can be reached at;

  • AIM: MarcusLangleyCA
  • MSN: arcalane AT stormweyr DOT dk CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  • YIM: arcalane
  • Steam: Profile Link~
Honour and Duty

This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Col. Marcus Langley
Marcus Langley Esk Port.png
"When tact is required, use brute force. When force is required, use greater force. When the greatest force is required, use your head. Surprise is everything."
Call Sign {{{callsign}}}
Plane Dauntless, "Solaris"
Kingfisher, "King Six"
Born Unverified/Unclear
Age Mid 20s
Died {{{death}}}
Species Cat, Russian Blue
Height 5'9"
Weight ~150 lbs
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Wing None
Crew {{{crew}}}
Kills/Losses SR 2.4; 16,130/10
SR 2.5; 7,768/18
SR 2.6; 507/6
Profile Mini-Profile
Marcus Langley's Flight Journal

Character Information[]

Marcus Langley, in a nutshell.

Note; this is a WIP and I'll be updating it as time goes by.

Character Description[]

Measuring in at 5'9" and a little shy of 150lbs, Marcus has shaped up a fair bit since joining the Armada, though he takes care to keep it functional. His fairly short grey fur has a faint blue tint, and he has short black hair, rather unkempt. Due to an unusual mutation present in his family line, he has bright red eyes, but this is pigmentation, not a form of albinism. Marcus carries himself with a quiet confidence, a long stride, and has a hard time blending into crowds.

His clothing of choice is a shin-length, dark grey trenchcoat which is heavily padded on the inside to protect against flak, shrapnel, and some small arms fire; pistol and submachinegun rounds are significantly slowed. It possesses plenty of internal pockets and hooks for whatever he may decide to conceal. The outer pockets tend to accumulate various odds and ends, although a rag is almost always present along with a pair of rarely-worn goggles. He still carries his family sword, a rather humble looking affair with a straight, double-sided 30" blade and a decent handguard.

As a Colonel and Agent of the Armada, he is required by protocol to carry a sidearm (in his case, an M1911A1) at all times. He usually carries a second as a backup, and has honed his fast draw to something of an art by this point. A combat knife is kept sheathed at the inside of his left boot, another on his belt, and a butterfly knife is concealed within his right sleeve, easily slipped into his hand and deployed with a few well-practiced wrist movements.

The trenchcoat has an Armada patch sewn onto the outside of each shoulder, with a pair of red bands around the wrists. Headwear when offduty is a simple Armada Officer cap, or a beret, but for combat situations he tends to wear a helmet. Under the trenchcoat, Marcus usually wears a short-sleeved black shirt, and a pair of worn looking jeans tucked into a pair of black leather boots. He tends to wear leather gloves when flying or fighting, but otherwise stashes them in an outer pocket.

Marcus recently discarded his bandolier in favour of newer-generation "load bearing equipment"-style vest setups. Several pockets allow for proper storage of additional ammunition.

Character Background[]

Marcus doesn't speak much of his past, perhaps out of respect for his parents. He claims to not remember very much (it may simply be that he doesn't want to) and that most of his life was a blur, but otherwise seems to be mentally sound beyond his quiet demeanour and occasional unhinged outbursts in aerial combat.

In reality, Marcus lost both of his parents as well as his elder brother during an extended skirmish with pirates some years ago, before he took to flying. The Langley family were explorers at first, then experienced fighter pilots - no aces, but they were more than capable in the right craft. The news of their loss was a rather sobering experience, and he retreated to the family's estate for several years, scraping along on inheritances.

During this time he spent considerable time practicing with weapons stored on the estate (owned by his parents, some taken as trophies) as well as reading old family flight journals and eventually enrolled in the Echo Academy of Flight. He was stranded on Olio with a CR-4P and a small amount of cash as a result of the Great Storm of 212AU shortly after graduating. He realized during his time on Echo that he had to take up the mantle of his parents, prove himself worthy of his family name, as well as continue the family line; he is (after all) the only known survivor.

He still owns the estate, but rarely gets to visit due to his ties to the Armada.

Character Personality[]

Marcus is a quiet and confident pilot for the most part, occasionally cracking the odd joke to try and lighten the mood, as well as sometimes taunting the enemy. Of note in the air is his persistance, recklessness and bloody-mindedness as his plane takes damage - the worse condition it's in, the harder he fights, often not even responding to radio communications, and giving terse orders. On the ground he can be a bit more relaxed, and is quite friendly, so long as you give him no reason not to trust you. He's still pretty cautious and careful, but not as much as he perhaps used to be.

He is a loyal and reliable ally, if you can persuade him to work for you... which can be easy or hard, depending on any number of circumstances. As an enemy, he is persistant, aggravating, cunning, scheming, down-right under-handed and just plain unpredictable whenever he wants to be. Marcus likes to operate from middle-level positions, making him less of an obvious target but still capable of pulling the right strings when necessary.

Finally, Marcus prefers quiet socialization to loud parties - he'd rather find someone to talk to in a nice quiet corner than be surrounded by many talkative folks, and tends to handle boisterous situations rather heavy-handedly. In group discussion, he generally waits to let others have their say before making his point known in calm and clear tones that require no voice raising or subtle hints to convey the ideas behind it.

Craft History[]


Name Class Kills Logged Combats Won Combats Lost Combat Levels Logged Profit Made Flight Hours Logged
Wisp CR-4P 77 73 1 39 Unknown 26
Whisper Thor 121 89 1 113 Unknown 18
Whisperwind Valkyrie 215 124 1 294 Unknown 36
Crimson Breeze Valkyrie Mk II 199 109 1 375 Unknown 49
Iron Wind Phantom 1,103 397 1 3,551 Unknown 95
Sanguine Storm Dauntless 1,499 447 3 7,163 Unknown 107
Vermilion Tempest Bolo 4,130 1,187 1 20,598 Unknown 368
X-14 "Liberator" Avenger 1,053 295 0 4,824 Unknown 424
King Six Kingfisher 1,104 293 0 4,554 17,738,917 1,361


  • CR-4P - Ret.
    • Mods: None
  • Thor - Ret.
    • Mods: None
  • Valkyrie - Ret.
    • Mods: None
  • Valkyrie Mark II - Ret.
    • Mods: Transferred to Phantom
  • Iron Wind - Phantom - Ret.
    • Mods: Transferred to Dauntless
  • You'll Thank Me Later - Dauntless - Active (RP Personal)
    • Combat Mods: Increased Ammo (+100 ammo)
    • Engine Mods: Internal Air Diversion Plates (-10 stall, -1% range), R Sticker (+20 max, +2 stall, +5 accel, -5% cargo), Coolant System (+5% max, +5% accel, -2% range)
    • Hull Mods: Med. Armour Plating (+2 armour, -5% range), Lightweight Shell (+5% max, +2% accel)
    • Wing Mods: Improved Wings (-10% stall, +1 maneuver), High Performance Wings (+20% stall, +50% accel, +3 maneuver)
  • Irregular Apocalypse - Bolo - Ret.
    • Mods: None
  • Sanctioned Parts List - Seafire - Ret.
    • Mods: None
  • Transient Atmospheric Phenomenon - Avenger - Active
    • Combat Mods: 6x Increased Ammo (+600 ammo)
    • Engine Mods: Larger Props (+15% mas, +15% stall, -15% accel, +2% range), R Sticker (+20 max, +2 stall, +5 accel, -5% cargo), Port and Polish (+10 mas, -10 stall, -1% range)
    • Hull Mods: Steel Reinforced Hull (+12 AC, -10% range), Heavy Armour Plating (+4 armour, -10% range)
    • Wing Mods: High-Lift Wings (-50% stall, +3 maneuver), High Performance Wings (+20% stall, +50% accel, +3 maneuver)


Marcus no longer employs a crew per se, as they are considered Armada personnel.