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Ferret Female
Maya Muldrake-Delphus
O, angels of triumph:
Mark your stance now–
To death put the fool
Whose herald has died
And away gone to Hell
For the extent of His

Born: 23rd, February of 198[*]

Dead: N/A

Affiliation: Earthen (Feb. 222 - N/A)

Violet (Aug. 221 - Feb. 222)
Azure (Dec. 218 - Aug. 221)

Sex: Female
Species: Ferret
Age: 26
Height: 153.7cm (5'½")
Weight: 51kg (113lb)

Physical Description

She is what could look like a senior child in just the right light. The albino ferret, whose pink eyes have no visible whites, displays very little in the way of fur. She wears a pale yellow blouse, and over it a black half-jacket, made of some suit-like material. Her slacks, similarly dark and textured, cover her toes.
She is a small one, even given her apparent species, matching just over a mere metre and a half at the tips of her ears unsplayed. Apparent on her person is the silhouette of a journal and pen in her breastpocket, and a pair of reading glasses kept clasped against the fore of her collar. She carries about her an air of confidence, but Maya wields a cane— one which hardly seems to be an accessory; her gait is leaning and fidgety, though willpower and a lot of therapy keeps her going strong.
Her voice has settled into a whimsical, almost elderly attitude; it drones on in pedantic paragraphs, though her inflections are colourful and poetic at times. Despite her aged demeanour, however, she smells of a youthful mixture of honey, peppermint, and wet fur, as if at all times she'd just washed away the debris from her crumbling mind.

Personal Description

Maya has developed a rather merry outlook on her life. The disconcertingly slow but steadily encroaching decay of her faculties has driven her to age far beyond her years; some might say she's recently fallen into a premature (or, perhaps, far too late) midlife crisis. She scrambles for knowledge she does not have, and often trips over herself trying to assert what remains of her credibility. Forgetful and at times outright amnesiac, visibly ill, and alarmingly content, the jill seems to be near-approaching her final years despite her young age. Soon enough, though, her amnesia will result in far worse than recurring short-term forgetfulness and loose memory triggers.
She is confident and decisive, and retains much of her intelligence and resourcefulness. For most of her life, she has prepared herself for the end; insofar as any other may accept natural death as an inevitability, Maya has come to terms with her truncated lifespan. Although her memory is faulty, her coherence is intact; her reasoning helps to keep her afloat.



Maya's childhood was quite comfortable. On the floor of Cidade, her parents made plenty for their small family, her mother a diplomat and her father a freighter. Always a vivid and creative thinker, Maya developed an interest in literature which lasted for much of her childhood.
Maya's first experience in the air was on her father's Enchantress. There, she became quite familiar with the machinations and logistics of long-range shipping and macroeconomics.
At around age eleven, Maya boarded Arbitrator for the first time, the Bismarck her mother crewed as a Diplomat. Both of them developed a close relationship with Captain Fredrick Nigel.
Despite her adolescent ambition to become an author, the jill opted for an engineering major at age sixteen, eventually earning a Bachelor’s degree in airborne architecture and logistical systems design. Though she thoroughly enjoyed her studies, Maya missed the artistic freedom of her younger life, and began her minor in rhetorical art and psychological reasoning. Maya completed her dissertation by twenty-three, earning her Doctor of Engineering title.
Her then-academic rival, Gregory Mathews and sponsor of her Vastille convertible, employed her as his logistics and technology executive for some time. However, several accidents in her later designs spoiled her reputation, and her name became a liability.
Maya recently founded the Cidade Academy of Principals, a girls' school with a heavyhanded focus on engineering, economics, and education. She enjoys a degree of lingering respect as the chancellor, but has been criticised as a failure perpetuating failure.


Maya was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at a young age, though her symptoms were mild enough to go mostly untreated. As a result of her early brain deterioration, she developed a certain sociological dissonance. Left with an incredible scepticism of others' intentions, she lead a rather independent childhood. Maya's Parkinson's disease has recently caught up to her, and is now a visible though still-mild affliction.
Shortly after her mother's death, she fell into an apathy for anyone and anything, and suffered from a self-inflicted social isolation. After several weeks of escalating violence, her father had her admitted to a psychological recovery centre, where she went for half a year to be coaxed into proper mind. She may have been sent to a permanent penitentiary for the clinically insane, except for a now-discredited doctor who conditioned Maya to develop an alternative pair of mindsets, who were both made to precede her impulsive self in reaction. She left the facility a far more stable individual, despite a medical record mark noting her reinforced multiple personalities.


Maya's CraftEdit

The Mastiff Faith

Kendal's plane, originally, Faith was handed down to Maya after his failed mission of vengence. The unfortunate reasons behind Maya's getting Faith, however, only strengthened her bond with it. Though it excelled in no particular situation, Maya's balanced style was fit perfectly by its speed, combat, and storage capabilities.

The Chapparal Dream-Bourne

Maya had an abnormal dream of a bi-plane. Normally, she'd dream of Faith, if any plane. When she looked up the lists, she was stunned by the familiar image of a Chapparal, a plane she'd never before seen except in the vague memories in her dream, hence the name she gave it. Dream-Bourne's name is a bit of a pun. Not only was it born of a dream, Gloria sarcastically described the feeling of the plane in flight as floating— almost like a dream.

The Cyclops Plymouth

After several weeks in Dream-Bourne, Maya decided that she needed to increase her productivity in the Skylands. After several debates with her trading expert crewmate, Gloria, she finally agreed to obtain a Cyclops. She bought Plymouth, rather than saving up for her dream Barracuda. Though she was quite close to making the bill for this dream, it didn't take long for her to thank Gloria.

The Barracuda BC1-M4

Maya's dream airship, finally aquired. To her dismay, however, the Barracuda was not nearly as effective as she thought it would be. She quickly prepared plans for a more effective design.

The Cruiser-Class Barracuda Eden

A far more powerful airship than its ancestor, Eden is capable of both out-maneuvering and out-running a standard Kingfisher. More than twice the size of the old design, and nearly quadruple the engine power, Eden still manages to outlast most any solid-hull craft. With a massive hull and enough comfortable living space for a crew of two-hundred, Eden's design has been patented but not exploited.
At one point, since it was sabotaged by a group of corrupt Union engineers, Eden was grounded until extensive repairs. It sat in hangar D4 with a gaping hole in the side. Maya did eventually repair it, but remains chronically paranoid of unfamiliar engineers.

The Seahawk SH1-F3

A temporary scrambler docked inside of Maya's Cruiser for several weeks, SH1-M3 was only an emergency- and liesure-use Seahawk.

The Cetacea CC1-M3

Following SH1-M7 was her Cetacea, also used as an emergency and liesure craft.

The Thunderbolt TB1-F2

Maya's current scrambler, TB1-F2 is a settled choice, and is not a rental. The Thunderbolt remains stationed inside Eden.

The Nova NV1-F2

Maya obtained this Nova for speed and survivability, and tends to reserve it exclusively for travel in which her timely arrival is absolutely necessary.

Other CraftEdit

The Leviathan Enchantress

Maya's father has always been a trader, and Enchantress has always been with the Muldrake family. Maya's first air time was in Enchantress, and that's what kickstarted her mechanic skills and love of flying. For a time, Maya and Kendal both worked onboard, though his stay was shorter than hers.
After a collision with Hidden Fleet Carrier Tau, an engine fire caused a helium pressure buildup, explosively decompressing the entire blimphead. most of the crew were killed instantly or drowned. Only a couple dozen survived. David was one of those few.

The Bismarck Arbitrator

Maya's long stay on Bismarck Arbitrator was the most influential period of her career. Her Captain was a close friend of hers at the time. Maya worked onboard as the chief mechanic, though she was only nineteen at the time. She also became somewhat of a personal counsel to Fredrick, as he often asked her for advice when in doubt.

The Sea-Leviathan Vastille

Gregory's pride and joy, a massive ship built to handle Hidden Fleet raids on its journey to the Barrens. Actually a large Leviathan adapted to cruise on the sea, Vastille has been retrofitted with various armaments and armour to prevent hull breaches altogether. Vastille is funded by Gregory, commanded by Rikolai Hopps, and guarded by Thomas Baron.

The Interceptor-Class Experimental Big Adventure II


Captained by Natalie Forrester, a gift from Maya, and a nearly unthinkable design, the Big Adventure II stands to be a rocket-propelled craft capable of matching a Nova in speed and utterly shaming Hidden Fleet manoeuvrability. It is a miniature Zeppelin: It can stall out to a hover and stay silent, flip in place, spin on a dime, face away from its direction of movement, and otherwise completely defying typically-held standards of possible manoeuvres– all the while keeping its occupants comfortable in a well-cushioned atmosphere, thanks to a gyroscopic cabin. It is the ultimate dogfighter, and the design is to be industrialised as soon as Maya obtains a patent and charter for it.

The Capital-Class Experimental Arbitrator II

The last of the several ships which Maya designed and sponsored herself, the kilometre-long ship generated region-wide debate when it and two other ships under Maya's name failed to complete their respective maiden voyages, destroying the jill's reputation. This particular ship was intended to replace Gregory's flagship.

Other CharactersEdit

Other PlayersEdit

Artemus "Artie" Delphus

Maya's father losing Enchantress was quite disturbing; not only to her, but several of her father's friends. Artemus' fiance, Herley, had gone missing during a trip to Alpha 12 in response to a Crimson Armada rule dispute which had forced her and Artemus apart. In that time, Artemus became irritable and depressed.
Maya's loss of her father's Enchantress became some sort of signal of attachment to Artemus, and the two had grown close enough to worry about Herley's response. However, when finally found, she suggested a shared marriage with Artemus.
The three of them were married on Magnusmus of her twenty-third year of life.
Maya peacefully left Artemus and Herley on account of distraction by Blake and for lack of attention from the former. The two have yet to officially divorce.

Herley "Kit" Danika-Delphus

Artemus' original spouse, and Maya's close friend, Herley has proven to be quite similar to the latter in several ways. The only major differences lie in their perspectives and moods. Though she and Artemus were to be married long before Maya ever met him, it was Herley who suggested a shared marriage. As a result, the two were in an odd form of friendship somewhere between family and spouses. However, she disappeared again, only to return to an unfaithful husband. Maya convinced him to take Herley back.

Natalie Forrester

The captain of Maya's Interceptor-class experimental design, Natalie is a well-practiced thrill-loving pilot. The gift from Maya was indeed the perfect one, for all its ability to make incredible feats of manoeuvrability.

Blakeman Dean Spencer

He and Maya dealt with an extremely extended period of fluctuating regards for each other. His own Unobtanium bomb scandal started this, and Maya's philanthropic protection of him post-event continued it.
However, during one particular confrontation, a miscommunication lead to what eventually became a romantic inspiration for Blake's change of personality. He became what he was before: A genuine stud; to Maya, at least. While the ensuing conflict between loyalty to Artemus or passion toward Blake nearly destroyed her relationship with both himself and Dusty Skiff, as well as expose her chronic neural decay, Maya did, in time, choose Blake solidly, during the initial penetration of the Hidden Fleet's Skytopia-Barrens blockade aboard Vastille.
Maya continues to pursue Blake with an air of loyalty and passion despite returning fluctuation of his affection.

Ophelia Foxx

For a time, Blake was distracted by Ophelia while he resented Maya. Though Ophelia felt a certain competitive thrill in having 'beaten' Maya in contest of affection by Blake, she has grown to respect Maya for her capacity for forgiveness and compassion despite all reason for hatred. Ophelia eventually found Saghiri, whom she loved first and moreso; finding this an opportunity to make right what she felt she had done wrong unto Maya, she abandoned Blake for the other man, leaving him in a state of enraged passion.


David Muldrake

Maya's father, and captain of Enchantress, David met Artemus and Plont during a recovery operation on Herley's downed Spectre. During the Enchantress's last hours, Plont managed to save David from the sea's awful grasp.

Gregory Mathews

Maya's Flight School rival, Gregory has managed to gain ground wherever Maya wished she could. He owns the Bismarck Heralds and Sea-Leviathan Vastille, and ran a trade fleet throughout the core with Maya. He serves as the financial captain along with security officer Thomas Baron and commerce manager Rikolai Hopps.

Kris Epitome

David's first officer and once Maya's council, Kris took the loss of Enchantress quite neutrally at first. However, later days were followed with a bout of depression. David had a hard time finding her, as she disappeared not long after Enchantress' destruction. The caracal still shows up every now and again, currently residing on Vastille with her foster brother, Rikolai Hopps.

Rachel Fuana


Some aussie shepard from Cidade who runs errands for a living, Rachel has made a habit of falling asleep in the lobby. She has somehow managed to subliminally pick up on other people's personalities in her sleep, however. In fact, unaware of it, she has quite a Frakenstein of minds she could be compared to.

Kendal Muldrake

Kendal is Maya's eldest and only sibling, also the original owner of Faith.
Maya's retaliation to her mother's death resulted in a shot through Kendal's arm, disabling it permanently. He later supposedly martyred himself, for some years out of contact with his family.

Sashía "Sneaky" Kaan

Maya's navigator, a dingo who's been crewed in several Zeppelins before, Sashía has a natural tendency to investigate. She's the curious type, and that matches Maya's outlook on the world perfectly. What puts dissonance between them, however, is Sashía's hasty nature, sometimes causing unneeded conflict. Ironically, she spends most of her time writing or impolitely staring at people.

Katherine İpek Khoa

File:Kat Khoa.png

An African wild dog from York Tower of Cidade, Katherine makes a living as a field journalist. She is rather adventurous, in fact, and enjoys a good bit of competition every once in a while.

Deceased CharactersEdit

Fredrick Nigel

Fredrick Nigel was captain of Arbitrator, and a close friend of Maya's, as well as her mother. His ship was destroyed and life ended during a defense of Cidade.

Delia Griffa-Muldrake

Delia was Maya's mother and a diplomat aboard Arbitrator. She worked with Fredrick Nigel for nearly a dozen years before the Griswolds slaughtered her as part of a hazing ritual.


Technological DesignsEdit

  • Enclosed thrust mechanism
Forces thrust in a single direction using a twisting prop in a capsule instead of an exposed, horizontally-rotating prop. Creates a more direct and efficient use of kinetic energy, saving fuel and increasing speed, acceleration, and thrust.
  • Vectored turbine capsules
Allows for the manoeuvring of the capsules themselves. Creates a mechanism which orients the thrust-direction of each turbine individually such that a craft may have the maximum thrust in the desired direction with minimal waste of energy.
  • Vectored rocket thrusters
Adapts the capsule mechanism to fit a rocket mechanism, also taking advantage of the vectoring technology, helping but not solving the issue of rockets' inherently awful fuel efficiency.
  • Large-scale rocket propulsion
A fuel distribution system which compensates for the difficult task of moving large amounts of chemical ingredients necessary for on-site combustion. Also includes a more fuel-efficient rocket mechanism.
  • Air-Sea convertible craft
Allows Zeppelins to absorb ballast at low-altitude and temporarily deflate their gas cells using pumps, which allows for an unplanned transition from air to sea or vice versa.
  • Semi-submersible ballast diaphragm
A ballast system which provides a flexible ballast volume; allows sea vessels to adjust their waterline dramatically.
  • Gryo-stabilised cabin
A system of mechanisms which prevents the cabin from rotating as extremely as the craft it is contained in; works as an inertial dampener and weakens the forces acting on the crew in extreme manoeuvres.

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