The Skybrary

Maya is a member of the Skyrates community who regularly participates in roleplay. She joined Skyrates in May of 2010, and has been present for most of the time since. She is seldom active on the forums, though on occasion she has made proposals such as an open-content newspaper to publish in-canon, some changes to Skylight's interface, and a couple of events for roleplay.

Her primary interest in science fiction leads her to stretch the technological boundaries of the Skyrates lore more than may be popularly considered reasonable. Although social drama and action mystery themes also appeal to her, the dieselpunk tone of Skyrates is an integral factor regarding her interest in its roleplaying scene. Maya often writes sidestories and background happenings; these and many of the nuances to her interactive scenes are often planned to be or later become a part of a private instance of Chekhov's armoury.


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