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This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Midnight "Monty" Montague
Member of the Armada
Born 24 years old
Species Maine Coon, Calico
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Wing The Grinning Rogers

Midnight "Monty" Montague[]


Physical Description

Midnight is a 5'8" Calico Maine Coon cat. He is lean and muscular with dark brown eyes. His usual attire as of late consists of; A Black well-worn cowboy hat, a black slicker, typically a red button-up shirt, red handkerchief, loose-fit black jeans and brown well-worn Roper boots.

Biographical Nonsense

Midnight was born and raised on a farm on a small skylet floating around Sharif. His family would take their goods to the Great Marketplace and make their living that way. His mother died while he was still very young, so he only remembers growing up mostly with his father. He didn't get to school much because his father needed much help to keep the farm going. Everything Midnight has learned, he has essentially learned on his own time.

He went to flight school as soon as he had saved up enough money to take the flight. There he met his wife. She was the top of the class and one of the best the professors had ever taught. They met during a school-wide race around the skyland, which he won by sheer luck. They fell in love after that. They graduated with honors and decided to get married and move to Juliet. On the way to Juliet, they were attacked by pirates and a ricochet caught her in the stomach. Still miles from any skyland, Midnight had to watch her die in his arms. He swore revenge on those pirates and is still searching for them to this day.

Later he found out his very own brother, Raphael, was the pirate. Midnight hunted him down to Midgard where they faced off and Midnight killed his brother.

During the most recent cataclysmic event, Midnight's father passed away from a heart attack. Currently Midnight is unable to get back home to deal with the proceedings and any financial business that may have to be dealt with.

Continuing to pass the time, Midnight has taken into reenactments on various skylands. He returns to the Rotor and Prop nearly every day to indulge in usually good company and tea. It's only a matter of time before he heads home to confront the truth of his father's passing and the truth about his family.

The story of his homecoming can be found here The Way Home

Midnight went missing for some time. He was allegedly traveling and training. The only details squeezed out of him have been related to his home and helping troubled new recruits sent to him by the Armada.

After killing a certain Alexander Oakland, because he just didn't like him, Midnight went a little crazy. The short journal for that is here Delving into Madness

On a certain day of the year...

"Somewhere over the sea a Thunderbolt is flying low with a hatch open. "Captain, we're at the coordinates you specified." a female voice calls out. A male calico steps into the hatch in full Crimson Armada uniform, holding a single rose. He holds back his tears as he tosses the rose into the sea and says "Farewell, my valentine." He closes the hatch and the Thunderbolt takes off into the wild, blue sky."


Midnight is primarily skilled in single-shot rifles, as what his father taught him. He prefers to use the Mosin-Nagant he took from some raiders. As such, his family home is filled with weapons from raiders that have died trying to steal their crops. Midnight is somewhat skilled in all of their usage. As time has passed, Midnight has been using a pair of Colt M1911's for his primary arsenal. The lack of missions for the Grinning Rogers has led to less usage of large assault weapons and more close combat dealings.


Is currently piloting a Thunderbolt, the Einherjar.


Midnight makes his own drink called "3 Root" The recipe itself is his own making, though it's obvious it's made with 3 different roots. It is non-alcoholic, has a mean burn, is a rich brown color and has just the right amount of sweetness and tartness to it. It's hidden under the bar counter in the Rotor and Prop tavern.

Contact Info

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