The Skybrary
General, Echo Squadron
Hon. Legionnaire of the Crimson Armada
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Species Fox
Affiliation Flight School
Wing Dept. of Unnatural Sciences
Profile Profile

Character Bio[]

A combat pilot and trader of some renown, General Moros is a staunch defender of Echo and all things Flight School. On sabbatical in his capacity as head of the Dept. of Unnatural Sciences, he is currently serving with the Crimson Armada.

Aircraft of note: SR2.3[]

Beliskner, a Hellfire class attack ship

Hraesvelgr, a Mk II Paradox experimental aircraft (plane designation X-302)

Kusanagi, a Thunderbolt outfitted for combat and courier work (Mechanic Design 1006)

Aircraft of note: SR2.4[]

Chickenhawk, Valkyrie

BarnOwl, Chapparal

Zephyr, Loki

ARX-7 Arbalest, Bolo

Silvana, Thunderbolt