The Skybrary
Ivory Tusks, Esq.
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Died N/A
Species Walrus
Affiliation Green Faction
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Ivory Tusks, Esq. is a merchant and political activist. Angered by the excesses of the Kenisu regime, he organized the Summit of the Pax Republica and became one of the Founding Fathers of the Emerald Republic.

He went on to serve as the Emerald Republic's first Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He retired from office after serving one term to once again focus on his business holdings. Tusks continues to be a voice in Republican politics however... advising, cajoling, and cheerleading for the democratic government he helped create.

Famous Quotes:

Onward to Profit! (later adopted as the official motto of the Emerald Republic)

I desired but one thing in life: to earn as much gold as possible, as quickly as possible, so that I could purchase a Leviathan and get a Trading Kit. I had dreams of moving massive amounts of good around the Skylands to those who needed them the most (and reaping huge profits in the process). I joined the Green Banner because it seemed the logical fit for one of my temperament. But a funny thing happened on my way to Eltsina to sign up... the Green Banner fell on Romeo! And it soon fell on Getty! And on other islands in rapid succession! Suddenly, my desire to join the Greens took on added urgency. Somebody was attacking my brethren! It suddenly became very personal. I don't know how much help a relatively inexperienced trader can be to the cause, but I shall do my part. This has suddenly become about more than gold and zeppelins...

On restoring ties with the Guild:

...we have worked too hard and too long to pick up the pieces and forge a new destiny for our faction after the Kenisu Ichojari Era came to an end. I do not wish to go down in history as the first and last Foreign Secretary of the Emerald Republic! We are a sovereign state. We have worked hard to secure our freedom. And I will not see it lightly handed over at a pen stroke.

I wish to go on the record: I shall no more blindly take the orders of the Guildmistress, or the Verdure, or any other institution which springs from this union... anymore than I blindly obeyed the orders of President Kenisu or President Benefactor! I am my own man. My flight plan is mine alone to chart! And if I need to do so once again as a Free Merchant, I shall do so.

OOC: Mr. Tusks is an homage to a character from | Dinosaur Comics.