The Skybrary
Member of the EACC (SR2.2)
First Hat and Provost of the The Azure League. A Senior member of the EACC (SR2.3)
Born SR2.1
Died N/A
Species Wolf (Fox avatar)
Affiliation The Azure League
Profile Profile

Skyrate Full Name: Niklaas Weylin-Sergio

Call Sign: niklaas, or just nik

Age: 36

Signature Emote: >,,,<

Personality: Generally easy-going. A Diplomat and Fighter.

Final Skyrates 2.1 Craft: Ingersoll

Final Skyrates 2.2 Craft: Ingersoll

Skyrates 2.3 Crafts: will add soon.. current Craft: [EACC Eighty-Eight] Vengeance... Ended ver 2.3 in an Ingersoll

In Skyrates...[]

niklaas has been a member of Skyrates since Feb. 09, 2007. He was First Hat of the Azure League twice, consecutively. He was the leader of the EACC; one of the first wings formed in Skyrates 2.2. Long time governor of Islo. Most of his time is taken up by diplomatic issues and protecting the skies of the Azure League.