Honour and Duty

This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Born 29 years old
Died (optional)
Species Black Cat
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Wing The Grinning Rogers
Profile (optional)

Profile Othello is a jet black cat from Olio. He's 27 year old, 6'6" and muscular, and has yellow eyes. While working with for the Grinning Rogers, he wears a black jacket with gray undershirt and black pants and boots. Other times, he wears his Crimson Armada uniform, or a long black trench coat with an Armada insignia on the collar, and a red undershirt and black pants and boots. His typical weapons include a Ka-Bar hidden in his boot, a kuri knife, and a STEN Mk.VI(S). Beneath his clothes, several long scars are visible across his back and chest.

Othello tends to be extremely stoic in manner, though not unfriendly, but well mannered in a way that might seem artificial at first. At times he has been the voice of order, trying to break up barfights for instance, but he has also demonstrated a vicious streak, such as the assault on New Hovlund.

Notable for someone who frequents the Rotor and Prop, Othello does not drink alcohol. This is because of a personal vow he took when young, to dedicate himself totally to fighting piracy and criminals. He seems to have a strong personal faith, and has spoken kindly of the Earthen Order, feeling "everyone has a vocation to fulfill" and his is merely different from theirs. Where this comes from is something he has not revealed to many...

Biography Raised on Olio, he went to college with on Kadath, where was part of an anti unobatanium group until a younger member, Iago, 'sold him out' to cover up for a plan he decided he didn't want to see through. He was sent back to Olio after that, but little about his history before or after Kadath has been elaborated on. He has occasionally claimed to have been raised by scorpions.

He doesn't drink alcohol, but stops by the R&P often for a glass of water nonetheless. He seems fond of fruit.

Prior to joining the Armada, he took part in an assault on a cult on New Hovlund, fighting along side many members of all factions. He seems extremely dedicated, almost obsessed with pursuing pirates, and in particular breaking up contraband rings. He shows a special interest in stopping the illegal shipment and use of Unobtanium.

Originally a lone fighter, usually wearing a black trench coat, he joined the Crimson Armada and now wears their colors. He was drafted to join The Grinning Rogers, and became their chief interrogator.

Crew he used to have a trader and specialist in salvage operations, the Honorable Schell of Shriebeck, a green eyed raccoon in a red jacket who also stops by the R&P, but does not share Othello's abstinence from strong drink, and in fact tends to go overboard. He also smokes, and has been known to hang out in the tavern trash can, eavesdropping on the local gossip. A near identical cousin of his attempted to impersonate him in order to sabotage Othello's ship, but was killed in the act by Phédre Spitfire 'Honorable' Schell's cousin, Glorious Schell, joined the crew as a Diplomat, and has appeared in the bar at least once. She seems embarrassed by him. She helps out in interrogations, playing "good cop" to Othello's bad.

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