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This character is a member of the Jade Hand.

Rash McAllister
Bear Male.png
Sec. of Foreign Affairs (Former)
Born 26 Oct
Died N/A
Species Bear
Affiliation The Jade Hand


Rash McAllister is the longest-serving remaining Jade Hand member, and served as Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Green Republic under President Kenisu Ichojari. While an at-times prominent Jade Hand member, he has generally shown a much greater aptitude for combat than for smart trading. His signature plane is a Vengeance, though he currently flies a Mk. ii.

Character Bio[]

Species: Bear Faction: Green Position: Secretary of Foreign Affairs Birthplace: Eltsina Affiliation: Jade Party

Skyrates 2.1

McAllister studied in Flight School along side the famous Explorer Edmund C. Fex (of the Azure League.) Eager to make a name for themselves, the two made a deal to strike out into different factions upon graduation. While both were torn between Green and Blue, McAllister soon insisted upon Green, however, due to loyalty to his homeland, whereupon Fex took up in Blue, though the two have remained close allies and confidants ever since. When McAllister joined up with the Merchant's Guild, only Sir Butterspoofs was holding the banner, though many joined soon after.

While McAllister remained near the top of the fame rankings for the first month or so in the faction, he suddenly dropped off the map, an absence still without explanation.






Skyrates 2.2

McAllister held a fairly low during this period, though he again quickly made a name for himself in combat, before disappearing. Not much is known of his activities during this period, except for that he was certainly absent during the Tortugan upheaval which was soon to come.





Skyrates 2.3

McAllister came to on Valvia after the Tortugan Upheaval once again threw the skylands into disarray. He became the first pilot to find Eltsina in this era, and as such was the only Green Faction member for some time. As more pilots joined up with the Greens, McAllister, having not made contact with President Kenisu, presumed him dead or else missing in action, and made plans to run for the office himself. When Keni finally spoke with him, the two discussed plans for legitimate elections, and McAllister instead ran for the newly created position of Secretary of Foreign Affairs, due to his relationships with influential members of the Azure League. Stephen Colbear instead challenged Keni under the flag of his newly created "Jade Party," and lost soundly, his only vote coming from himself.

McAllister ran for SFA unopposed, and won unanimously, but then announced his membership in the Jade Party after the elections, in a show of respect for Colbears ideas, but more significantly, for his willingness to run a suicide-campaign in order to legitimize the Republic's elections, an idea which McAllister believed fundamental to the Republic's power, influence, and very existence.

It remains to be seen whether Rash McAllister will once again drop out of sight, though his new position would seem to suggest otherwise. He is currently working with Post Aviation in designing a specifically-purposed kitted Vengeance for combat profits and mission runs, and also working diligently with the newly elected council.





Mk. ii

Vengeance ("Daddy Warbucks")


Player behind Rash McAllister[]

Dawson Smith lives in Washington, D.C., and attends Georgetown University Law Center as a 3L. His work-schedule generally goes in spits and spurts, hence the heavy involvement at some times, and the disappearances at others. He mostly plays the game for the RP elements and the excitement of trying out new planes. His greatest wish for new iterations of the game is that the Mk. ii not be so useless in the future. He has two cats, but isn't crazy like that.