Redstorm Breckenridge
Ferret Male with green tint
The Confused Green
Born 188 AU
Species Ferret
Affiliation Jade Hand
Profile Status

Very sadly out of date... I hope to update it some time in the next year....


  • Lvl 3 Trader: Ho Ahn: She's fairly new to Skytopia so I hired her on. Raccoon


  • Requin: Just great for my combat and trading tastes.

Plane Names:

  • “The Flying Irony”


  • He is currently living on Eltsina.


  • Redstorm Breckenridge, a male Ferret in his mid 20s, is a Skyrate with a shadowed past. He grew up on Eltsina and as a small child would sneak into the Green Faction Head Quarters. He saw some things that... well things that are still classified. As a young ferret Redstorm was a intern for the Guild of Merchants, while there he had a few missions that ended badly for the pilots that got in his way. Redstorm joined the Green Republic and has been in the green faction ever since. Redstorm has been elected to serve as the Sec. of Foriegn Affairs for the Jade Hand.
Open and Closed

This character is a member of the Jade Hand.


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