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freedom of body.

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Remley Bishop
Born 189 AU
Species Rat
Affiliation Azure League
Wing Suburban Conspiracy

Remley Bishop began his flight career when her turned 18, fairly quickly graduating from flight school. He joined the Azure League due to the fact he shared thier sense of humour and very laid back stance on athority. Prior to the great storms of 213 AU, he specialized in the swift transport of goods in his Barracuda, Deuces Wild (I). He fancies himself an explorer, and a champion of the weak, whatever their creed or tastes in hats. After the great storms of 213 AU, he became distraut when he looked at his navigation charges only to see that all the skylands were under pirate control. Once he was able to rejoin the Azure League in Islo, he activly fought to pull down the pirate flags as best as he could. He currently specializes in combat, although not quite the caliber of the EACC, he has been known to take daring risks when it comes to eliminating pirate threats, in defense of skylands, or various shipping lanes, especialy in the northwestern quadrant of Skytopia. His current plane is the Thunderbolt, Aces and Eights. He has been working on developing equipment to simplify and speed up the salvaging process for planes that do not have water landing capabilities or low stall speeds, as he understands the importance of recycling for the future of Skytopia.