The Skybrary

Basic Info (Richard)[]

.xRichard Cussler 2 Profile Large.png
Richard Darrell Cussler
"Wounds, scars, and limps may be painful, but they all heal. Witnessing someone being ripped apart before your very eyes is a pain that never heals, no matter how much you treat it."

Born: 17th, August (24 years old)
Dead: N/A
Affiliation: Azure League BlueFlag.png

Gender: Male
Species: Timber Wolf
Age: 23
Height: 6'1
Weight: 157 lb

Physical Description[]

Stands tall, and wears between his more casual black wool trench coat, or his black leather slicker. He's been around for a bit, though the scars on his face are from a time before he became a resident of the area.

Personal Description[]

Keeping to himself most of the time, he comes around to the tavern from time to time to interact with those who frequent the place. His personality is polite, mostly kind, although sometimes gruff.

His prefference to keep to himself has made him develop some hobbies that he takes small pride in. His most notable one is drawing. He usually spends his small amounts of free time drawing an idea that crosses his mind during his flights. He is quite decent at drawing, although his critical nature makes even the simplist of ideas take a long time to complete. In addition, he tends to be extremely shy when it comes to his art, he tends to let no one even so much as glance at it. He makes some exceptions, but it is usually associated with friends or if he feels like someone may need/want to see one of his works.

His view into the matter of death is one he does not take lightly. He tends to avoid the subject, but his view into the matter is that everyone is special in that they are alive. But, when his family is threatened, he isn't afraid to risk limb to ensure that they remain safe.

The two personalities of Richard, as they appear when seperated. Resentment lies to the left, while Empathy is on the right. This depiction of Resentment is only to show his nature, when Richard changes his personality, he doesn't physically change.

He does have a breakdown state of sorts, of which is not commonly known. Self induced, it is basically a somewhat polar opposite version of himself, where his mindset changes from an empathic view to suddenly being full of resentment. Actions in which he would normally feel restrained to do are no longer limited, and killing suddenly doesn't feel like a taboo to him. To summarize it, this breakdown state basically makes Richard much more feral, although he can still think like a normal person. This breakdown state, however, has not been seen publicly in a long, long time. Even the wolf himself believes that he is free of such an ordeal.



Richard's past was quite a stable one, in fact his childhood would be considered possibly one of the best out there. Richard hails from Eltsina, where he was raised and lived for most of his life. His father worked as a mechanic in the hangar, and his mother worked in the community as she raised Richard. With a stable income, Richard was able to recieve education, food, and the luxury of comfort. When he was the age of 13, he already knew that he wanted to grow up to be like his father. He met Rena DuPrau during his later youth years, about when he turned 15, and got into a relationship with her in a small amount of time. Richard's life seemed like it was all laid out in front of him.

That is, until one particular day. Upon his 17th birthday, on August 17th of 216, Richard took Rena with him to see the sights of Eltsina. The trip started out very well, they saw some very majestic natural features, climbed a mountain, and were ready to head home for a date. That was the plan, until Richard caught sight of a plane in the distance. He could hear shouts coming from the town, and he immedietly knew that it was a pirate. Grabbing onto Rena, they both took off at full speed towards the town. The pirate however, was much faster, and before they were even halfway, Richard could turn around and identify what kind of plane it was. A Hades. Just as he returned his gaze in front of him, he heard the Hades open fire, and he could hear bullets hitting the ground behind them. Catching him off guard, his foot gets snagged by something under the snow, and he falls to the ground without even having time to scream. Upon raising his eyes, he saw something he did not want to see. Rena, while she was trying to run back to help Richard, suddenly fell to the ground herself, only unlike Richard, a mist of red accompanied her. It took another 30 or so seconds before planes scrambled to scare off the Hades. A good minute passes before Richard was able to unsnag his foot, and walking to where Rena lay, Richard could have very well died from the emotions that were rushing over him. Rena lay, eyes still open and in fear with two holes in her chest, in the snow now colored a sickly red. Richard lost track of how long he remained out there with Rena.

After that day he has never been the same, he never smiled, and one could think that all aspects of his youth have been ripped out from him. His mindset has changed entirely, and within the next few months, he set off from Eltsina to register at the flight school. Once he learned enough, he left and went straight into working the trades, ensuring places got what they needed. Still having thoughts on Rena, he eventually leaves that job and heads into a new field of work. On April 21st, 217, Richard enters into the work of a Mercenary, in which he has remained to this day. Picking up hobbies as he went on, eventually at one point his emotions ran deep again for his feelings toward Rena, almost as much as on his 17th birthday. It took every ounce of will after that day to change himself and create a whole new personality. He made an oath to himself to never let emotions dictate his life again, and with it he swore to make himself home in his new community that he has ended up in. And with that he walked out of his room that day and into the open a completely different person.


Richard nowadays no longer works as a Mercenary, working on a job that is a lot less demanding, yet will still earn him some squigs in his pocket. He is familiar with those who seem to be around a lot in the community, and the general opinion of him is that he is a fair person, who considers friendship above other options. He has found the RnP skylet to be quite the place to call home, and one he gladly accepts as that. Recently, he has helped a couple people get back into a better life, one of them being Phedre Spitfire, whom through a bit of his own heartache, eventually got reunited with her husband. Even more recent is his efforts to help Herley back on her feet, to which he also fell in love with. This time however, he was in a bit more luck, and Herley was able to return those feelings. With time, this led to the two becoming engaged, and plan to be married in late August. Richard also has adopted a small kitten rescued from a wreckage in the seas named Paolo. And recently, has also included the dancer Vale into the growing family.

On September 7th, the calico and wolf have moved past being engaged, and are now happily married. And soon, due to Herley being pregnant since mid May, there will be more to join the ever growing family. What more could a happy wolf want.

Reference Image[]

Richard Reference.png

Mercenary Life[]


Richard started his mercenary life with only two weapons, an old Colt Python (upon which he engraved the word "Rena" into the handle) and a small letter opener. Mercenary work was surprisingly almost like second nature to him, despite the disadvantages in his weapons. Eventually, his gun ended up failing on him, and he reluctantly sought out some new weapons. His first new weapon was a Walther PPK, which he was given by Slivoh S. under the conditions that he kept his end of a "deal." He found this weapon, while reliable, to be tricky to use simply due to how much he was used to his old Python. Later on, he recieved a more worthwhile weapon, a modified Colt Python from Evelyn Hatfield. The modifications included an extra bullet chamber, as well as much better reliability. He ended up carving the same word in this Python as his last one. He decided to name it "Greyfox" to give credit to her. Slightly before he recieved his new Python, he also personally bought a switchblade to use as a more "official" knife. He still keeps his old letter opener concealed on him however. Later on he discarded his Walther for another Colt Python, taking away the awkwardness of the pistol and replacing it with a more familiar firearm.

Fighting Style[]

Richard prefers an honest fighting style, disliking the use of cheap strategies, even if they work. His guns give him quite an advantage in combat, both of them suitable in taking someone out quickly, not to mention that he possesses two knives, he can be quite the one man force. What further strengthens him is the fact that he prefers taking out unavoidable enemies as quietly as possible, and thus is very good at remaining hidden, and remaining silent. The total amount of years he has practiced with guns or knives is not really known, but one can speculate at least 6 years. He may not be willing to always pull the trigger, but it is rare for him to miss (but not altogether unknown).

Job Style[]

Richard is often sought out for two distinct job styles: Flight and Infiltration. He prefers to stay away from "run and gun" jobs, as they are in a style that prevents him from using tactics he employs to decrease risk.


Having flown in many styles of planes (excluding Stock and Trading types), Richard is quite a formidable opponent to face out in the skies. His Passive/Aggresive fighting style often leaves his enemies falling to the sea like rocks, one moment staying away from enemies and luring them to follow him, where he is able to shred them using his tail gun, to the next suddenly turning back at the enemy and unloading a volly of lead into those in his sights. In a short summary, he prefers planes that use multiple arcs, taking advantage of the many angles in which he can strike at an enemy.


His other main sought out job is Infiltration, being able to get into a highly secure place and out, getting whatever his client requests. He prefers to enter and exit leaving everything the same, save for what he came for. Should he have to kill someone, he keeps as silent as possible. Thus far, he has yet to fail an infiltration job, save for a particular feud, although that was in thanks to dealing with a very dangerous person, and an unexpected person's arrival.


Marauder - "Basilisk"[]

Richard's first widely used plane, this served as his means of transport, as well as for dealing with small flight jobs. Due to the limited firepower and short lifespan of it's armor, Richard had to wait until he could find a new craft before he decided to take Flight jobs more seriously.

Requin MK II - "Blood Gaze" (later renamed "Ruby Wind")[]

Upon purchasing this Requin, he spent a good investment modifying it to be faster, more powerful, and more importantly, able to withstand a respectable about of incoming fire. This was his first plane of use for taking on Flight jobs, and thus the one he is mostly recognized for. This is the plane he was most proud of for a period of time. Recently, the plane has gone under several modifications that include stripping the previously installed armor, reducing it's firepower, all in favor of efficiency and speed. This plane now simply serves as a transport plane, and a makeshift stunt one, as well.

Dauntless - "Midnight Eye"[]

The first of which Richard successfuly adapted to his "Passive/Aggresive" style. He has been able to take down even some of the most formitable foes in this plane. The name comes from the fact that at around the time he purchased it, his Flight jobs have been coming in mostly during midnight.

Experimental Combat Fighter - "Sweet Memories"[]

A diagram of the plane Richard has been designing for a long time.

A fighter built to handle any combat situation with ease and efficiency. The main characteristics of the craft is how easy it is to perform maneuvers with, as well as it's sharp turns. Containing two machine guns at the front, and two long arms at the aft, the main disadvantage being its slower speed compared to many other combat types. It took a considerable amount of money to fuel this project, as well as days of planning out the design. A craft he is proud to call his own, and one in which enemies fear to see heading towards them.

The name, "Sweet Memories" comes from a couple of different sources:

  • The R-9WF in the game R-Type Final bears the same name. It's description also helped fuel the design behind the craft, albeit only slightly. There are no wave cannons in SR, silly: The cheerful name contrasts the sinister rumor about this craft. It is said that the explosions this craft produces are in the shape of the nightmares the pilot experiences.
  • Sweet Memories is a line used often by the man known as Lewis MacHale, who was an infamous interrogator in the storyline Richard is working on OOC.
  • Sweet Memories could also be a direct reference to memories in Richard's past, ones that he wants to remember, and not forget.
  • One could say he named this craft to be ironic. The devastating firepower this craft presents would contrast to how pleasant the name sounds.


While a small collection, Richard Cussler does save his artwork in a small personal file.

Richard Cussler 2.png

His work can be seen here:

Pieces of artwork considered not created by Richard IC (due to OCC or IC restrictions) are as follows:


-Empathy and Resentment

To note, one should scale back technology to era specific times in accordance to certain images. For example: This ---------->

and anything else made using Paint Tool SAI or similar programs will change in canon to a simple colored sketch (while keeping the accuracy).

Basic Info (Elvara)[]

Elvara Profile.png
Elvara Ignatius
"You there! You think that this is all about getting a good pay in the end? Think again, you are here under my orders, and don't you think that there is another reason for why you are here. I am the only reason you are here."

Born: 7th, June (29 years old)
Dead: N/A
Affiliation: Court of Violets PurpleFlag.png

Gender: Female
Species: American Wirehair Cat
Age: 29 
Height: 5'11
Weight: 132 lb

Physical Description[]

Being a discontinued member of the Crimson Armada, Elvara still remains true to honor, thus she stands as if she was superior to others. While slim, she is very physically fit. She used to be described as 'emotionless' 

Personal Description[]


A tricky one to read, often times Elvara will appear to think one way, only to actually be thinking another. Respectful of others, sometimes even going out of her way to help those she deems as her friends. On the other hand, she knows when to pull a serious face, and can be very protective. When it comes to her crew, she puts it before her.

Crew History[]

Amy Rustvold (Laid off) -Aether/Impending Dawn-[]

Current hands on weapon specialist. Knows almost every single kind of weapon out there, as well as how to use most of them. Straight to the point, filled with enthusiasm, and ready to put a couple dozen holes in a pirate. ...Probably be best if she didn't discover what Slivoh really is...

Sam Augsburg (Laid off) -Aether/Impending Dawn-[]

The current navigator, Sam is quite the energetic squirrel. Unfortunately for him, he has yet to realize that Elvara can understand the little language all squirrels seems to at least mostly know.

Alexander Pequot (Retired) -Covenant/Aether-[]

Crew of the Covenant, pencil sketch taken by an admirer. This was made shortly before the "Kingfisher" incident. From left to right: Elvara Ignatius, Adam Kahlan, Alexander Pequot, Lia Goodkind, Dean Octavius, Richard Cussler.

A rather small and obnoxious Badger, he serves as the mechanic of the crew. While his jokes almost always never make sense, and he himself can be a pain to deal with, often times confused, he is a valuable asset to the group, and has served Elvara the longest of all the crew members. No longer working under Elvara.

Lia Goodkind (Retired) -Covenant/Aether-[]

Serving as the navigator of the group, Lia is a somewhat shy and reserved ferret. Has been in the service of Elvara for a year and half by now. She was perhaps the closest one to Richard during his time of working for Elvara, mainly because they were both shy during that frame of time. Still is, but she has been getting better at being more open to the world. No longer working under Elvara.

Dean Octavius (Deceased) -Covenant-[]

The Diplomat of the group, Dean was a strict and very focused tabby. He served under Elvara for a full year, and was also in a relationship with her. He died during the "Kingfisher" incident, killed instantly when a Howitzer pierced the hull of the ship and took him with it.

Adam Kahlan (Deceased) -Covenant-[]

The second engineer of the group, Adam was somewhat like Al, but less so, as he actually knew how to make good jokes. A Silver Fox at his best, that was what he was considered among the group. Perished during the "Kingfisher" incident, while the exact cause of death was unknown, it was speculated he died upon the impact of the Kingfisher with the Covenant.

Basic Info (Alexander)[]

Alexander Pequot Profile.png
Alexander Pequot
"Names Alexander, though you can call me Al."

Born: 23rd, March (33 years old)
Dead: N/A
Affiliation: Azure League BlueFlag.png

Gender: Male
Species: Badger
Age: 33 
Height: 5'2
Weight: 246 lb

Physical Description[]

Short for someone his age, this cheery badger is often seen wearing a simply mechanic's uniform. Despite this, it seems to barely get any grease, engine oil, or the such on it. For the matter, his hands also remain relatively clean. Best way to describe him is 'round'.

Personal Description[]

This friendly and thoughtful badger tends to not be around the tavern too much. Usually only late at night, or the odd times his work allows it. In the past, he was often the victim of unwillingly causing multiple engines to explode, though that seems to have faded away...for now. Always enjoys a good laugh, and a good drink, for the matter.

Basic Info (Lia)[]

Lia Goodkind Profile.png
Lia Goodkind
"The feeling that you are faster than others...that you feel a lot free-er in the world. No one could judge you was the closest thing to home I felt for a long time." -Lia describing flying.

Born: 5th, May (23 years old)
Dead: N/A
Affiliation: Independent (?) OrangeFlag.png

Gender: Female
Species: Black Footed Ferret
Age: 23 
Height: 5'7
Weight: 127 lb

Physical Description[]

Slim in appearance, while in the past she prefered to stay in her typical flight suit, nowadays she weapons simple casual clothes. Typically, a blue overshirt over a green shirt, with brown kakiis. She tends to go between many different shoes, never really deciding upon which one to wear. Sometimes she has one kind on one foot, and another on the other. Her eyes can be described as 'large for someone of her size', which from multiple perspectives, seem true.

Personal Description[]

Softspoken and reserved, it is extremely hard to talk with Lia, because of how closed up she is. She has only opened up to a couple of people, and it took a lot of effort for that trust to be established. Has developed a nervous twitch, most notably in her tail, and she is quite easily scared. She seems to try and work her way out of this state of fear, usually only to be reduced back into it from some kind of traumatic event.

Basic Info (Dias)[]

Dias Blackheart DuPrau Icon.png
Dias 'Blackheart' DuPrau
"Threats to peace and security come from mistrust in order, from falling into our primitive nature, and ultimately, chaos. I aim to remove those threats."

Born: 28th, October (30 years old)
Dead: N/A
Affiliation: Crimson Armada RedFlag.png

Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Fox
Age: 30
Height: 6'6
Weight: 215 lb

Physical Description[]

White fur, darkened in a couple of places, though commonly covered by clothing, or hard to see. Wears an ornate version of the Armada Uniform. Long hair, eye patch over his left eye, which is debatable to still be there, or is actually gone. Carries a sword at all times, as well as two FN M1903s. Usually seen with a cigarette in his maw. Extremely fit, for someone of his build, and is usually hidden away under his uniform. A slight advantage in his favor, as he considers it. Studies under the the Skytopian equivilant of Shaolin Martial Arts, and incorperates it into his hand to hand combat, as well as his swordplay, in which he also knows quite a bit of the iaido swordplay arts.

Personal Description[]

Dias Blackheart DuPrau.png

Most who have interacted with him say he is self centered, rude, and disrespectful. This depends on the view of the conversation, in reality. He only acts that way to those he deems 'deserve' it, and otherwise remains entirely to himself. He considers work over personal life, and that is reflected by his dedication to the Armada. He follows under their standpoint, to the point of giving up his own life if it allows the Armada to draw closer to their victory. This however, shall not be until one small personal pursuit is seen through.

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel of the Armada

  • Member of the Grinning Rodgers