You Can't Take The Sky From Me
This character is independent and follows no faction.

Rick 'Bloodbeard' Burchill
Fox Male
Master Sergeant, Independant
Born 11 May, 192 AU
New Hovlund
Died N/A
Species Wolf
Affiliation Independent
Wing Phantom
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Character BioEdit

Rick Burchill is a wolf in his late twenties. Standing 6'3" and sporting dark-grey fur, Rick is an imposing figure at first sight - an image his razor-sharp claws and slightly muscular build do very little to change.

Rick's attire consists of a jet-black leather trenchcoat over a deep-maroon military vest, with long black combat/cargo pants and heavy black battle-boots. He has been know to occasionally utilize a monocle in his right eye.

Prefering hand-to-hand combat over ranged fighting, Rick carries only a small inventory of firearms on his general person - the most common of which include a combat knife and dual silencer pistols.

Though not exceptionally muscular, Rick has enough mass to take care of himself. His deep auburn eyes give off a distinct air of intelligence, yet his dark-fur and intimidating gaze tend to distract from this. It is rumored that he uses various different means to sharpen his claws daily.


Rick is something of a lone wolf (pun very much intended), opting to stay in quiet solitude rather than attempt to blend in. A somewhat troubled past has led him to view all others around him as intellectually inferior until proven otherwise. Because of this, Rick may come off as mean and self-centered, but in reality he is actually quite placid under the proper circumstances.

Though arrogant, quick-to-anger and somewhat vein, Rick usually tends to remain in reserved solitude until someone makes a statement he disagrees with. Should he ever curb his reckless behaviour and tap into his inner feelings, Rick would make a wonderful ambassador for any group or nation he may represent.

Rick secretly wishes to make the world a better place for all who live within it - something of a stark contrast to what his immediate attitude may display. Possibly because he feels so helpless to change the world directly, he tends to come across as violent and self-opinionated.

Due in part to his conflicted past, Rick has something of a duel personality, often becoming aggrivated even with himself. Through and through however, Rick is as patrotic as they come and will do whatever it takes to defend his country and beliefs in general - though his rock-hard determination has landed him in hot water more than once. Patience and kind words are all that is needed to make Rick a loyal ally.

Character HistoryEdit

Born into a middle-class family on New Hovlund, Rick's parents were loving and supportive throughout his entire childhood. Rick has an older sister, yet she was sent to a private flight school at a young age; thus Rick knows exceedingly little about her.

From an early age, Rick was hailed as a young genius among the people of New Hovlund, winning numerous awards in academia and the fine arts alike at the New Hovlund University. Unfortunately, at the age of 17 his parents divorced, leaving Rick torn between the two worlds he loved. This event left Rick bitter and disgruntled towards the world around him, forcing him to see all those he came in contact with to be intellectually inferior until proven otherwise.

At the age of 19, Rick reluctantly left his homeland on a small merchant blimp that would be his home for the next two years of his life. Given the freedom of travel, Rick joined and participated in various different martial arts tournaments and spoke with numerous wise men and women. Despite his travels, Rick remained self-reliant and cold towards those he was unfamiliar with. After becoming an expert in multiple martial art forms, Rick was faced with a difficult choice - protect the world or conquer it.

After much deliberation, Rick decided that the world deserved to live on peacefully as it always had, and served valiantly in numerous civil wars. Eventually, Rick found himself in the company of a band of Sky Pirates. Unaware of the rough nature these men possessed, Rick flew along side them numerous times. During a particularly heated argument with the leader of the pirates, Rick rebelled against their cruel ways and used his sharp fangs to tear the Captain's throat out. It was during this incident that he earned the nickname 'Bloodbeard'.

Rick is now 29 years old, and his mental strength is exceeded only by his loyalty. Due to his cold and concentrated nature however, Rick is prone to sudden outburts of anger. He prays that he may one day make a significant difference in the world he lives in, and will not rest peacefully until that goal is achieved.

Misc InformationEdit

Due to the fight with the pirate leader, Rick is almost entirely blind in his right eye, being forced to wear a monocle on certain occasions to obtain a clear view.

Rick attended the New Hovlund University, earning multiple academic honours in various fields, yet he never graduated due to his choice to leave New Hovlund behind.

The Burchill Family consists of Mark Burchill (Rick's Father), Wendy Burchill (Rick's Mother), Loretta Burchill (Rick's Estranged Sister) and Rick himself.

Rick has a distinct Australian accent, though due to his usually controlled tone-of-voice, he is often mistaken as being English.

Rick has trained extensively in martial arts, yet he lets his anger take far too much control over his mind. Because of this, Rick tends to fight in more of a feral rage than the dignified skillfulness he has been taught.

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