The Skybrary
Samuel "Sloth" Walker
Born unknown
Species Felis cattus
Affiliation Independent
You Can't Take The Sky From Me
This character is independent and follows no faction.
Wing The Black Sheep Squadron
Profile [1]


Sloth is a small spotted ocelot, just over 5' tall. He usually wears a vest covered over with a mid length brown leather jacket.

Sloth was born into a traveling family of performing acrobats. His parents operated a big top show known as "Walker's Wonderful World", consisting of tumbling, knife throwing, contortionists, jugglers, fire eaters and the like. He grew up in this environment with his mother and father (Daphne and Charles) and his younger brother, Michael. He had trouble with his legs growing up, at one point requiring braces, and the fellow performers gave him the affectionate nickname "Sloth".

While Sloth showed a strong capacity to learn very quickly, he was not nearly as physically gifted as his younger brother, who became the star of the show. The two brothers spent all of their time together and grew very close to one another. Sloth also showed an aptitude for music which was nurtured by the music director of WWW, Aina. His mother supported him, yet his father thought it was a waste of time. Charles had always planned for his eldest son to take over the family 'business' and made it clear that he did not approve. Sloth continued to work on his piano playing, yet hid it from his parents, always a little angry at his father's lack of understanding. Father and son would have a fairly tumultuous relationship as Sloth grew up.

The defining moment in Sloth's life came at the age of 16, when during a rehearsal his younger brother was badly injured. As the show's modded Bismarck was still a ways away from Tortuga, a decision was made to send Daphne and Michael along with the best pilot in the troupe in the Dauntless that they used for short hops while docked. The plane was shot down by pirates within sight of Tortuga, with no survivors.

Following the devastating loss off Daphne and Michael, Sloth got into a horrible confrontation with his father. He left and enrolled in FS, proving an above average pilot, and paid particular attention to honing his dogfighting skills.

At the age of 23 he created the "Black Sheep Squadron" as a haven for indies, and ostensibly to give him back the sense of family and community he had lost when he walked away from WWW. Another milestone is rapidly approaching, the 10 year anniversary of the death of his mother and brother. Sloth has still not spoken to his father since their last fight.

A lack of funding eventually became a huge problem for  The Black Sheep, and Sloth and the wing were evicted from their headquarters on Earthbreach. An ad for cheap space for rent on Cidade led him to a run down building near the airport, at a too-good-to-be true price and tons of space, including an abandoned bar in the basement of the building. Sloth's intention to reopen the wing, and subsequently try to open an illicit club in the basement eventually reached the ears of the landlord, crime boss Sai Feng.

Sai immediately swooped in, offering favours to Sloth with what seemed to be no strings attached. However, it soon became painfully clear that Sloth's future was directly tied to Sai Feng, and the boss' whims and favours.

Sloth is now attempting to rally his fractured wing, and try to find a way out from under Sai's thumb, without getting himself killed in the process.


Sloth is a fairly amiable fellow. He can be rather quiet and reserved at times, and at others extremely outgoing. He seems to have a bit of a drinking problem, but is usually not an aggressive or angry drunk. Sloth seems to have arrived at a crossroads in his life, and his morality seems to be wavering.

Generally he is wary of people, and uses his sarcastic wit to keep them at a distance. However, once befriended he is a loyal, giving compatriot, and will go to great lengths for anyone he considers in his 'extended' family.


Sloth currently flies in the SS Roslyn, his Havoc.