The Skybrary
Honour and Duty

This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Alex "Storm" Kensrue
Cat Male.png
Born September 1 (20 Years Old)
Species Cat
Affiliation Flight School
Profile Profile


     Storm is a slightly taller-then-average cat with a short, dark blueish-gray fur and clear green eyes. He often wears a very serious expression, leading some to consider him more boring than he actually is. Commonly worn attire for him includes a pair of old, worn blue jeans, a light-gray short-sleeved shirt, and a deep maroon zip-up jacket. He has a thin but muscular build, like that of perhaps a runner.


     Storm is, in most situations, fairly quiet, commenting only when he has something important to add or someone asks him a direct question. This is not to say he is shy, but just that he prefers to save his words for situations he deems important. However, to his friends, he is known as an extremely trustworthy individual, ready to help or just to listen without a moment's hesitation. He is fairly intelligent- not a genius, by any means, but smart enough to get by. He doesn't like to do things halfway, and is prone to over-think problems, sometimes to the result of missing the big picture.

     He enjoys playing and listening to music of any style.