The Skybrary
The March Hare
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Senator of The Crimson Empire, Lieutenant General in the Crimson Armada
Born February 1st
Died To Be Determined
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Species Sus scrofa taivanus
Affiliation The Crimson Empire
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An Autobiography[]

The March Hare was born several years before the Tortugan Upheaval. He built up slowly riches and became one of the reds to first help the Unify the sky red. Being a minor player in the older world he hung at the fringes running influence eventually getting enough recognition to be in one of the firs wings in Skyratean history, the Omega Wing. In the Omega Wing, The March Hare helped the Crimson Armada attack and take Tortuga in the last days of the Tortugan Upheaval.

In the early days after the Tortugan Upheaval, The March Hare quickly got into a Hades and began to devise a way to win himself recognition. And so in one of the most infamous and criticized moves in Skyratean History attacked Eltsina with his army, La Armada de Para Locas. The skies quickly became outraged and steps were made so that this could never happen again. But the March Hare had made his splash and his name brought instant recognition.

During this time, The March Hare helped peacefully disband the old Red Faction's government and install the Crimson's Empire meritocracy that it still holds. The March Hare through his actions was promoted through the government to Chamberlain.

The March Hare then changed planes into a fully modded Loki and started extremely heavily running influence against the other factions becoming one of the strongest influence runners in the Skies, finishing as Governor of Two Skylands, Uurwerk and Grottopolis.

For his actions in uniting the Skies once again under one flag he was given the rank of Senator in the Crimson Empire.

When the skies turned to black and tension once again ran between the factions the March Hare climbed through the planes testing each one he pasted through with at least one kit. The March Hare was in a triple kitted Cetacea when the Yellows first began showing their true strength, The March Hare, horrified at this new threat, recognized how great a threat it was and got into the new Mantis when it came out. Having stored up millions in his safe deposits boxes deep withing the Clockwork pieces of Uurwerk, The March Hare quickly upgraded his mantis to full capacity and began to attack the Golden menace that had spread to most of the Skylands in the Sky.

The March Hare since then has been in the most notable engagements during this time of history, this includes the War on Juliet, the Battle of Islo, and his own private guerrilla war against the greens at Tinkspoit.


Many things have been said about the March Hare. While some will critisize him for what is perceived to be arrogance and hostility, he is still a player whose presence is recognized and appreciated within Skytopia. His use of sarcasm, wit, and sardonic supply of jokes and feigned arrogance have made him despised in the eyes of some, and entertainment in the eyes of others. Many players make it into a game to match wits with the Hare, with subliminal slights and inuendos that cannot be proved to mean ill-will upon him, but are usually not assumed to mean well. The object of this game is simply to see the results of the Hare's wit at its own work. Favorite tactics include correcting his grammar or speech, feigning friendliness with obvious malintent (i.e. "Why don't you stop influence running for a bit so you can admire the scenery?"), or simple sarcastic provocation.