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Honour and Duty

This character is a member of the Crimson Armada.

Tilde Pilcrow

Tilde Guillemets Pilcrow
Cat Male.png
Born February 3rd, 185 A.U.
Died N/A
Species Lynx
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Wing The Sanguine Sabres
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Asterisk Pilcrow--Tilde's father--was a Crimson Armada veteran and experienced combat pilot. Asterisk raised his son in hopes he would follow in his footsteps and join the Armada. However, Tilde had other plans when he left to go to Flight School. Tilde, who was fascinated in science and engineering, wanted to join the Azure League. In a letter to home, Tilde expressed his desire to join the League. His father was enraged and wrote several letters to Lord Gilbert, demanding he be sent home immediately. Lord Gilbert acted as a counselor for Tilde, who certainly didn't want to go home. Gilbert, unable to refuse to send Tilde home, suggested some alternatives to the young lynx. Tilde eventually decided to join the Armada per his father's wishes (and demands).

The Crimson Armada[]

In the time Tilde spent within Fuseli's ranks, he slowly began to love his comrades and develop a great sense of duty. He met some great people like Phédre Spitfire, Athrawes, and others. He felt something he hadn't felt before. Like being a part of something amazing. He felt at home. Pre-storm, the Crimson Armada attacked Islo. Tilde was completely opposed to the act, and stayed up north to trade. Tilde had a dream that the Armada and the League would one day join forces. Against what? That question was answered just before the Great Storm, when the Court of Violets came to Skytopia. To be continued! (when I'm not tired)

Family Tree[]

(I'll try to get an actual image up. Until then, here's some text.) Father: Asterisk Pilcrow

Mother: Anna Warder Pilcrow

Grandfather (father's side): Guillemets Pilcrow Craft: The Solidus Position: 34th Wing Captain of the Crimson Armada Known for: War hero (I'll elaborate laters.)


Balthasar "Balrog" D. Rog
Balthasar D Rog.png
Ex-Pirate, Crimson Armada combat pilot
Born December 28th, 171 A.U.
Isla di Pisa
Died N/A
Species Brown boar
Affiliation Crimson Armada
Profile Profile

Boring background stuff[]

The details of Balthasar's past are blurred by myths and legends, so that much of his early life is uncertain. Balthasar Rog grew up on Isla di Pisa in the midst of the Commonwealth, a time that Balthasar felt he had to be a part of. At the age of nineteen, the young, excited boar left his home in Isla di Pisa to attend Flight School, where he hoped to become an expert pilot. Only a few weeks into his freshman year, Balthasar, who by this time had acquired the nickname "Balrog", made many friends... as well as a few rivals. His newly-made friends shared similar interests, though many of them ended up joining the Azure League after graduating Flight School. Balrog was at the top of every one of his classes, especially in his combat courses, which he took many of. However, only a few months away from graduating, Balrog dropped out of flight school. No one knew why, until they heard his name on the radio several months later:

Today, August third, at around noon, Crimson Armada officials reported that a single daring pirate stole a Bismarck-class gunship directly off their capital, Fuseli. The officials reported that the pirate openly introduced himself as "Professor Balthasar Rog", claiming that he had been invited as a guest speaker to a combat training class for cadets on the skyland. After showing a couple officers his papers--which are now suspected to have been forged--he headed to the hangar to "make sure those moles were doing their job all right." A witness claims that just before he jumped into the Bismarck, he cried out "Huzzah!". Some believe this faux professor may be a part of some anti-Armada organization, while others believe Rog is simply another odd pirate. More updates later tonight.

Yo ho, yo ho...[]

It took very little time for Balrog to make a name for himself. He became a well-known pirate, prankster, and daredevil with what he did with that stolen Bismarck. Some of his more notable feats included hijacking postal Kittyhawks and delivering any and all mail to a small skyland in the middle of nowhere. A few weeks afterwards, he returned to the small skyland and hooked it up to his Bismarck. The skyland was small enough so that the blimp could tow it without much difficulty. With his newly-acquired skylet--which later became known as "Huzzahpolis"--he accumulated tons of ammunition stolen from bypassing planes. After a month of towing around Huzzahpolis, Balrog was getting bored, so he donated most of his ammunition to a hospital on Juliet, and continued to fly towards ALPHA 2. When he was close to arrival, he flew full speed and crashed directly into the side of the platform, causing some serious damage, yet not enough to send the platform toppling into the sea below. Balrog wasn't seen until he showed up in a bar on Tortuga some time later.

The Tortugan Upheaval and the Crimson Armada[]

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Miscellaneous Information[]

Balrog wears on him at all times exactly eighteen guns, including 16 revolvers, a shotgun, and a harpoon gun. He has yet to use any of them except for the harpoon gun.

Balrog stands at 6' 3".

Balrog's middle name is Dennis.

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