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This character is independent and follows no faction.

Yü Rong "Tommy" Chong
Squirrel Male.png
Relic hunter
Born 18th Islo Minor, 169AU
Somewhere around Tortuga
Died N/A
Species Squirrel
Affiliation Independent
Wing N/A
Profile profile

Tommy's portrait.

Character Bio[]

Tommy is a male squirrel in his middle age, former member to Flight School faculty, and more often found tipsy than sober (even though he doesn't drink). He was born a pirate and lived his early life as a mercenary. Currently leading a local band of questionable nature, operating around the eastern region of Skytopia.

Tommy usually dresses in oriental outfits: Shirts with loose sleeves, baggy trousers, all secured by a piece of red silken cloth around his waist. He is always seen with glasses, a paper fan and a pair of kung-fu shoes. He can speak a few eastern languages (japorean-mandarin?) and common skytopian (english).

Generally, despite his affiliations with the pirates, Tommy is accepted by the Skyrates community as one of their own; what he is up to, however, is never quite made clear to anyone.


Loner. Getting him to open up was hard; nowadays it is just impossible.

Character history[]

Tommy lived his early life as a member of the pirates, living off resources looted from unlucky merchants. Life was alright and he found himself a woman that he loves, but their relationship did not last very long. She caught a disease and was waiting for a shipment of medicine from a distant skyland. The bullfrog hauling the cure, however, was marked a pirate craft and was shot down on its way back. Tommy had to watch his love wither away in the end.

After the incident, he joined a band of mercenaries, known for their swarming tactic and being excellent bodyguards. Tommy climbed up the rank pretty fast by raking in business with the eastern nomads (and generally traders with less-than-honest goods). He was then recognized as one of the four capos of the Diamond Convoys, dubbed "Yü Rong of the East" (Note: 'Yü Rong' literally means jade mushroom/fungi. One of the resons he doesn't like being called so.)

Some time later, he decided he had enough of bodyguard business. He left the field works to the younger members within the band and took the position of advisor. He also commissioned a high-end gunship in order to roam the edge of Skytopia, seeking relics and artifacts from the past. His hobby as an archaeologist has not been very successful though, since his band tends to drag him back when big projects show up.

Tommy had taken a few apprentices himself, whom he wish to seed his band and hopefully change it into a more lawful group. Before his dream was realized though, the other DC capos was bought over by Demonphobia and it causes the band to fall apart, and himself branded a wanted criminal. Now planning to overthrow Demonphobia, Tommy holds on to his skyrate friends with similar goal, and rely on them more than before.

More recently, Tommy's band encountered the storm, which brought a huge number of refugees and grounded skyrates to Olio, his base of operation. Tommy offered to house the vitims of the storm in his base and exchanged the resources at hand for his and his remaining bandmates' freedom. Caught in desperate time, the officials accepted Tommy's offer, but only as long as the storm lasts. After the storm, Tommy has no longer the financial prowess to keep a band, thus he split the remaining clan funds with his bandmates and let them go their seperate ways, only bringing his most trusted crews with him on his new venture.

Tommy is currently the leader of Iron Crescent. It was a sudden shift, for reasons known only to people who is directly involved.

Misc information[]

Most recent plane: Barashiki - "Bad Kisser"


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