The Skybrary
Unique Character
Unique cat.png
Born August 18
Died Not yet.
Species Feline
Affiliation Azure League
Profile Profile


Unique Character and twin brother Shady Character are the only children of Charming Character (deceased) and Will Round Character, a retired Armada line-cook, who owns and operates a small, southern-style restaurant on Luz.

Unique Character left her family home in Luz, traveling to the Core on a scholarship to attend Flight School. There she secured her pilot's license (January 22, 208) and began a career in trading goods and downing pirates for cash.

Incredibly average in appearance, Unique is distinguished by being alternately cheeky and cooperative. She also enjoys fishing and chasing her tail.


Unique Character often participates in factional expeditions and science experiments. Her feline obsession with chasing loose threads lends itself well to the work and keeps her busy. However, when hangared at Islo for too long, she tends to get herself into trouble (reference: Political Intrigues).

Expedition Logs:

Political Intrigues:

Titles Collection:

  • Governor of the Sky
  • Ambassador!
  • Scaramouche Extraordinaire
  • Wing Commander
  • Vice President
  • Major


The current iteration of the Unique Machine is a Havoc.


Machine history: Seahawk, Loki, Chaparral, Kittyhawk, Marauder, Thor, CR-4P


  • Mildred Fairchild, of Romeo. Navigator.

Mildred is the only crew member with a contract. She enjoys a culture of mutual respect and professional courtesy on-board. Not much is known about her activities outside of the cockpit.

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