The Skybrary
Squirrel Male.png
Wing Commander, Aviation Engineer
Born Sep 7th, 191 A.U.
Died --
Species Squirrel
Affiliation Red Faction, Post Aviation
Profile Profile


Valarauka is a lean, rangy-looking gray squirrel of average height, generally seen wearing a Red Faction flight uniform. He usually carries a machete strapped to his right thigh, and a small handgun in a cross-draw holster on his left hip. He is a moderately capable hand-to-hand fighter, though he vastly prefers the bright clean explosions of aerial combat, where he is second to none.


Valarauka was born on Olio to relatively poor parents. He grew up on the streets of the Skyland, skipping school most days and watching the mole engineers working on planes at the hangar. He picked up a keen understanding of aircraft engineering, managing to scrounge up enough spare parts and sheet metal to build his own CR-4P and start flying around. His father was killed by pirates during a delivery run, prompting him to trade in his plane and all his savings for a Phantom and sign up with the Red Faction, looking for revenge.

A naturally gifted pilot, he easily made a name for himself and rose quickly within the ranks of the Faction, piloting a succession of combat aircraft. He joined Post Aviation when Pierce went on leave, taking charge of the Engineering Division, and quickly combined their resources with his own to create the high-performance Locust prototype, which he currently flies.

Valarauka often returns to Olio and has dedicated himself to ridding it of pirates, in memory of his father. His efforts have borne fruit, and recently resulted in his being appointed Governor of the skyland by the grateful citizens.

Plane History[]