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This character is a member of the Jade Hand.

Victor Grissom
Vice President, Operations Director
Call Sign Vector
Plane Spectre
Born 5th of Eltsinapeia [Age 27]
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Species Golden Jackal
Height 5'11" / 1.8 m
Weight 145 lb / 66 kg
Affiliation Jade Hand
Wing Raptor Defense Squad
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Victor is defined by a quiet intelligence. An analyst through and through, Victor is happiest when he has an enigma of some sort to unravel. Polite but removed, Victor prefers the company of a couple close friends over entertaining large groups of people. His close friends see in him an occasional romantic streak, which Victor generally denies but privately believes. Victor relies significantly on his ability to think laterally and trusts his intuition above all else.


Victor allows himself two vices: good alcohol and better cigars, though both are enjoyed only when the occasion merits it. He also listens to jazz at his apartment on Eltsina and is a frequent listener of Ellington Radio and Eon Tuskany's broadcasts.

Victor refuses to stomach bad design and is considered an architecture snob by some.


From a young age, Victor has been interested in radio. At the age of eight, he built his first radio with his mother as a weekend project. By the age of ten, he had rebuilt and upgraded the radio several times, reaching the point of using a windmill on Valvia as his aerial. His curiosity continued to grow, and at eleven, he started to listen in on factional communications. The Jade Hand was his challenge, and he was eventually able to break through one of their less secure cyphers.

Victor is also a swimmer, taking advantage of the heated lap pools located in the Recreation Center in the CFIA complex on Eltsina. Some of his best ideas come while swimming and as a result, he keeps a small notebook with waterproof paper at one end of the pool where he can hastily scrawl down notes to himself.

Victor has received some basic self-defense training through various Hand programs, including an advanced class on knife combat. Victor spends most evenings after work at the shooting range with his Sig P210, a gift from his wingmate Borevich.

Victor regularly invests in commodities markets and is a skilled trader. He is less skilled as a combat pilot, and believes in the age-old addendum that "The best fight is the one you can avoid." His speed-optimized Spectre can outrun anything in Skytopia except an Ingersoll, a rare pirate plane indeed.

Appearance & Equipment[]

A Golden Jackal, Victor Grissom stands at a lean 5'11". He generally wears a set of work pants with suspenders, boots, and a worn olive-green v-neck sweater over a grey white button down shirt. Outside, he wears a long brown jacket to fight off the Eltsinan cold. Right-handed, he wears a small chronometer on his left wrist, and on his right wrist he wears a thin leather bracelet, a gift from his partner, Sasha. Slightly nearsighted, Victor wears thin-rimmed glasses. A waxed canvas messenger bag is usually with him, containing pencils, notebooks, a Minox IIIS, a small first aid kit, and the occasional top-secret dossier. In the event that his work takes him elsewhere, Victor carries his P210 in a cross-draw holster under his jacket, where it doesn't interfere with his messenger bag. In addition, Victor carries a fixed blade tactical knife under the left breast of his jacket when the situation warrants added caution.


Victor is especially close to the members of his wing, the Raptor Defense Squad of Gonk. He can also be found contacting other members of the Hand on the radio, though, as always, he prefers to listen. He is in a long term relationship with Sasha Miazga, a former member of The Court of Violets. The two have no plans concerning marriage, at least not yet.


Born to an architect and a skystone engineer, Victor was taught from a young age to examine his world carefully and seize opportunities. Placing high marks in all levels of schooling, Victor graduated from New Hovlund University with a Bachelors of Science in Economics and a minor in Statistics. He drew the notice of the Jade Hand who were actively recruiting new analysts after he sent in his resume via an encrypted channel. Offered a job with the Center for Faction Intelligence Analysis within hours, Victor soon proved his worth.

During a particularly dry political season, Victor was unexpectedly elected President, with his friends Acero and Kippei taking Vice President and Secretary of Defense respectively. Victor's time in office was trying as the skylands shifted once more, forcing the suspension of terms until the storm blew over. Victor would go on to run for Vice President in the following election, only to lose to Giul Thunderstrike in an exceptionally close race. Spending his time away from the political cycle working in the Center for Faction Intelligence Analysis, he returned to his roots as a talented analyst.

The next election, Victor ran for Vice President and was elected, returning to the Emerald Republic Cabinet once more, along with wingmates Kippei and MaxSquirrel. Victor then ran for the Secretary of the Interior position, endorsed by perennial political powerhouse, Calvin November, who had chosen to step down after many years of service.

With the onset of the Hidden War, Victor became the Operations Director for the Jade Hand, a post the CFIA had prepared him for. Victor was chiefly concerned with the steady flow of supplies to and from skylands, keeping the Hand steadily supplied with goods and manpower for the duration of the War. With the conclusion of the war, Victor has gone back to his post in the Ministry of the Interior, quietly conducting day-to-day business for the Hand.