The Skybrary

By Kitteh:

Uh I'm not quite sure what to do, since no one here has posted a blog post, but I'll give it a shot.

So I think most Skytopians seem to think the wiki has been generally "out of date" and neglected for a long time, so I recently tried to help by reducing the amount of pages in the Needs Update category. All individual plane pages are now up to date, I've added a "Defunct" category for marking off features no longer in the game, and I've standardized some templates used on the planes pages to make editing easier.

So far most of what we have left in the Needs Update category itself are Skyland pages (they need plane locations), special combats (I'm waiting to see what returns) and upgrades, which we only have about half-done.

Does anyone have any comments on changes to the wiki lately? I've tried to edit a bunch and I hope it's been helpful. I would like to know what anyone in particular doesn't like about the wiki as it is. I've thought that maybe the main page should be a bit more newbie friendly or draw more attention to how people can help our work or how the wiki can help them. I would also like to see the "Community Corner" in the My Home special page be used for at least something.

The_Skybrary:Community_Portal also really needs to be updated or changed.I've thought of making a "how you can help!" type page, and I suppose that's the closest, but it's not very well marked and it's utterly abandoned. I don't believe I have the ability to change any of these (and I would really like some cooperation anyway) so I thought I would bring it up here.

That was a lot more than I thought it would be, that's what happens when I get going... --Kitteh 06:25, December 3, 2009 (UTC)