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Duxe Brackenridge Duxe Brackenridge 19 April 2010

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day...

  • yawns and stretches*

You know; this weekend has been rather good to me. Drill was this weekend, so that is always a plus. We had our rifle qualifications this weekend which everyone at the battery was psyched about. We rarely get a chance to use our rifles and finally the time of the year had come. We were blessed to be able to pull the trigger and send rounds downrange even if the weather was rather unfortunate. All good things come to a close and sadly a bit too soon for our schedule. First day half our battery qualed and fantastically at that. Second day....monsoon. We got up all bright and cheery and ran out the barracks into the forming of a small lake. As the day progressed the rain never let up. Soon the range safety officer official…

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Duxe Brackenridge Duxe Brackenridge 7 March 2010

Just trying something here...

I am trying to get back into the routine of writing. I like to write stories and perhaps will publish oneday, but lately this whole writer's block has me in this rut I can not seem to crawl out of. The only way I know of breaking free was to just start writing (or in this case typing) anything and everything. ya' go. As for what i'm doing as of this moment. Trying to write a short story for FA (Fur Affinity for those who don't know) and am succeeding slightly. If I can get my MW (Microsoft Word) to keep working without randomly deleting things. I would be peachy.

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