The Skybrary

I wrote this for the Hidden War roleplay thread... but since nobody really knew what we were meant to be doing, I decided not to post it. I also wrote a few other draft posts, but this is probably the most interesting in a generic sense. Of course, being generic, I didn't feel like it really added anything.


We don't avoid the destination. I am no fan of this plan, but if this is our course then there's no point in worrying about the consequences. We have to trust ourselves to be able to gaze into the abyss and not become content with what we find there. We must reach our destination and keep on going, constantly looking for what comes after it.

Yes, there is planning and preparation, but when you're exploring the unknown, you can only be so prepared.

I look at the Great Tree, constantly reaching towards the sky. It doesn't know what it will find, it just keeps reaching. I look at this beam of light, reaching to the horizon; the Hidden Fleet doesn't bother it in the slightest.

Here, we can only remind ourselves that the Path is there to be walked upon. This is a journey where we cannot stray or stop. To stray would be to void the journey, you might as well have come with me into battle. To stop is to become stagnant in an unwelcoming environment.