The Skybrary
This article is about the historical figure. For the skyland, see Kadath.
Verron Kadath
Merchant Guildmaster
169-183 AU
Born Unknown Boar Male.png
Died n/a
Species Suid
Faction Merchant Guild
Professional history
  • Minister of Finances (162-165 AU)
  • President of the Guild Council (165-169 AU)
  • Guildmaster (169-183 AU)

Guildmaster Verron Kadath was the leader of the Merchant Guild for several years prior to the rise of Dasha Eltsina. He was known for his interest in pre-Upheaval artifacts, and was said to have little care for the Guild itself, making deals with other factions simply to further his own goals.

Guild Civil War[]

Shortly after her advancement to the rank of Director, Dasha Eltsina challenged Kadath's position as Guildmaster, claiming that his policies were outdated and that his dealings had doomed the Guild to obscurity. She called Kadath to a meeting on Volstoy, where she demanded that he give up his title. Furious, Kadath declared her disbarred from the Guild, and struck down two of her personal bodyguards as they attempted to restrain him. He left Eltsina unharmed and fled from Volstoy, but the event was well-documented and Eltsina had little trouble rallying several important Guild members to her banner. This was the beginning of the Guild War, a long and costly proxy conflict between Eltsina's followers and Kadath's mercenaries, a conflict in which Eltsina was ultimately victorious.

Disgrace and disappearance[]

Kadath was forced to resign his position following his defeat, and Eltsina was approved as the new Guildmistress by a unanimous vote of the Guild Council. Kadath's personal holdings were declared the property of the Guild, and his skyland fortress was mostly evacuated save for a team of researchers left to study the artifacts the former guildmaster had left behind.

After his resignation, Kadath was to face a tribunal on charges of treason and murder, but he mysteriously vanished from his holding cell and has not been seen since. His disappearance remains one of the greatest mysteries of Skytopia, and several conspiracy theories have arisen to explain it (See: The Emerald Hammer). He is still wanted by the Guild for his crimes.


As of 203 AU, the staff of Ellington Radio claim to have captured Verron Kadath with the assistance of 7th Street Capulets. The operation was conceived of by Jarylan Hundercoph. This claim has yet to be verified, though Mistress Eltsina has expressed a desire to handle the turnover herself if Kadath is indeed in custody.[1]