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This article is about the famous person. For the skyland of the same name, see Islo (skyland).
Lawrence Islo
Born 142 AU, on Luz Islo.gif
Died 207 AU (presumed), at Tortuga
Species Giraffe
Faction Azure League
Awards and degrees

Voyager Lawrence Islo (142-207 A.U.) was the leader of the Azure Conclave, and one of the "Big Three." He was a well-traveled, knowledgeable giraffe, whose origins and personal history remain somewhat clouded. It is known that he has longstanding connections to Admiral Fuseli, Mistress Eltsina and Lord Gilbert, but the details are a mystery. He was an accomplished engineer and well-known for his advocacy of progressive scientific thought and the free exchange of ideas.

It is known that he served several times as the Chairman of the Symposium of Free Ideas, an annual conference which later formed the basis for The Conclave. He was influential in the field of Aeronautics, and worked on the team that rebuilt the first Ingersoll from pieced together Pre-Upheaval schematics. Recognizing the growing restriction of free thought under The Commonwealth, Islo aligned with Admiral Ignacious Fuseli and Guildmistress Dasha Eltsina against the tyrannical Admiral Svendheim and the Commonwealth. It quickly became clear that despite their best efforts, Fuseli, Eltsina, and Islo could not work together in creating a new unified government. They split into three factions, with Islo making an alliance with the Desert Nomads to form the Azure League.

During the Tortugan Upheaval, Islo commanded Conclave forces from the Azure Wind. He challenged Fuseli's attempt to conquer Tortuga, but disappeared during the following battle and is presumed dead. While his whereabouts are currently unknown, the wreckage of his personal craft, the Azure Wind, was recovered at Islo by a multi-Factional team of volunteers.

The skyland of Islo is named for him, and is presumed to be his last known place of residence.

Fan Art[]

Voyager Lawrence Islo, by Tommy Chong.