The Skybrary
Wood Reinforced Hull
Upgrade Category: Hull Upgrades
Beef up the armor you already have
Armor (mm) 0
Armor Class +5
Maneuver 0
Ammo (rounds) 0
Cargo 0
Range -5%
Max Speed 0
Stall Speed 0
Acceleration 0
Slots Required 1 Hull slot(s)
Price: 400,000Ģ
Availability: Getty, Tehras, Luz

Great for lighter planes that need a bit more Armor Class but don't want to lose too much range if you're stacking up armour upgrades. Expensive, but it will block all non-critical Autocannon and Flak Cannon hits by 100%. When used on a plane that already has some Armor Class, it may even help nullify certain calibers of Machine Gun fire (see the Gunsmith for details).

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